Joseph Kizza

UTC computer science professor Dr. Joseph M. Kizza and Florence Migga Kizza recently released their book Securing the Information Infrastructure, written to help build trust in computer technology. The authors demonstrate the importance of using safeguards to uphold the integrity and reliability of the computer system.

“We wanted to write a book to advance a holistic approach to the teaching of computer and information security,” said Kizza. “What is being done today is to rely so much on both software and hardware tools (forget about the ethics of computer use) and hope that everything will be fine. We have been doing this for awhile and everything is not fine. We must, therefore, find a new way to approach this teaching.”

Kizza’s background in the field of information security was very helpful when the Department of Computer science and Engineering decided to build a case for certification of its Information Security and Assurance curriculum. The National Security Agency (NSA) recently granted that certification. Kizza was also appointed by The International Development Research Centre (IDRC), a subsidiary of the World Bank, together with the African Training and Research Centre in Administration for Development (CAFRAD) to be a research advisor in Information and Telecommunications Technology (ICT) to nine African countries.

Securing the Information Infrastructure,
describes the proper use of technology, use of security tools and best practices within an ethical framework. He says UTC computer science students would find this book to be helpful, although it is too extensive to cover in the classroom in one semester.

“This book will benefit a large cross section of readers from college students in computer and information sciences to information security professional and anybody interested in information security issues,” Kizza said.

Kizza’s work was a true labor of love with his daughter, Florence, an editor of the higher education magazine The Greentree Gazette.

“It was a wonderful experience to write the book with Florence, because just a few years back she was a little kid, my kid. Then you turn around and she is a colleague from whom I am seeking advice and support.”

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