Incoming freshmen are encouraged to participate in the Early Bird program and apply for UTC admission by November 17.  These students receive early notification of their admission and scholarship decisions, and they may decide early on an orientation session and on-campus housing for fall 2009.

“While many of you have already decided on a certain complex, we do encourage you to take a tour or visit us on our Fall Visit Day on November 15th to get a further look at all of our apartment complexes,” said Jason Lyon, UTC Recruitment Coordinator.

Unlike other universities, UTC’s Early Bird program is not binding; if a student wishes to attend another institution, most fees (with the exception of the application fees for admissions and housing) will be returned up until May 1, 2009.

Requirements for the Provost’s Scholarship are 3.5 & a 26 ACT and for the Chancellor’s Scholarship, 3.75 & a 30 ACT.  By participating in the Early Bird program, an eligible student will receive notification in December 2008.

“Finally, and arguably most important is early decision on orientation,” Lyon said.   “While this may not seem appealing initially, orientation is also when you sign up for your fall classes. Looking for that perfect schedule? In order to get it you will want to sign up for the earliest orientation possible.”

To qualify for the Early Bird Program, the UTC Office of Admissions requires a student’s application, fee, transcripts, & ACT/SAT scores in the office by November 17.  For more information about the Early Bird program, please call (800) UTC-MOCS or email

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