Independent Arts writers in two prominent, internationally distributed arts periodicals took notice of the Cress Gallery exhibitions of Mark Andreas (dNASAb) and Ryan Wolfe titled “Sculpture in the 21st century.”

Cress Gallery exhibitsAcknowledging the efforts of Ruth Grover, who serves as UTC Director and Curator of Galleries, Exhibitions, and Collections, the February and March 2008 exhibitions were featured in Art Papers in the July/August 2008 edition and in the November 8 edition of Sculpture Magazine.  Both publications explore contemporary art.

Susan Knowles of Sculpture Magazine wrote:

“…curator Ruth Grover assembled the work of three artists who combine traditional sculpture materials with kinetics and electronic media.  The show’s installation, with works arranged in back-to-back bays, mimicked familiar art fair design…”

“Walking into dNASAb’s space felt like entering a control room out of control.  Wall-mounted sculptures resembling imploded iPods were arranged at an accessible height.  Each abstract composition of colorful Styrofoam insulation, extruded plastic shreds, and resins pulsed with fiber optic life.  A small, face-like screen blinked out at the viewer from each piece, competing for attention with changing audio and video compositions.”

Denis Sanabria wrote in Art Papers:
“While disparate, the work of these three sculptors formed a cohesive exhibition.  The darkened gallery was filled with the rich, harmonious texture of the low and whispering sounds emitted by the electronics, kinetic sculptures, recordings of human speech, and discordant compositions.  Whether dormant or active, the sculptures seemed to convincingly assert that they were viable and intelligent life forms, wishing at some level to interact with us.”

Cress Gallery exhibits

Cress Gallery exhibits

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