The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga received approval from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to offer the Master of Science Degree in Mathematics with concentrations in four areas: Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, and Education. This degree program is available now.

“A feasibility study showed there is a large demand for this course of study,” said Dr. Stephanie L. Bellar, Interim Dean of The UTC Graduate School. “This graduate degree program will help fill the gap with math teachers and it will also service the insurance industry, a major employer in our region and state.”

Local firms in insurance, automobile manufacturing, environmental services, engineering, software development, and power generation offer support and employment opportunities for math department graduates.

Students who complete the program will be provided with an in-depth understanding in their chosen area, further preparing them for work in industry, government, education or future graduate studies.

Mathematics and statistics are used in every area of science, engineering, industry and technology. This program provides tools, techniques, and cognitive abilities to tackle existing and emerging problems in these fields.

In addition to undergraduate math majors, students with undergraduate degrees in engineering, computer science and the physical sciences are encouraged to apply for this graduate program. Of the 29 faculty members who work in the UTC Department of Mathematics, 21 hold the Ph.D. Graduate students have the opportunity to work with faculty in the pursuit of graduate research projects.

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