Pictured: Stephen Tilstra, Dr. Christi Wann, Martha Marrufo, DeAngelo Williams, and Matt Tatum

Four finance students attended the tenth annual R.I.S.E. Forum in Dayton, Ohio, with Dr. Christi Wann.  The R.I.S.E. Forum is the world’s largest student investment forum sponsored by the University of Dayton each year in March.  Two undergraduate finance majors, Stephen Tilstra and DeAngelo Williams, and two MBA candidates, Martha Marrufo and Matthew Tatum, were awarded the trip.

The R.I.S.E. Forum allows students from around the world to interact with the top finance and economic professionals from Wall Street.  Last year, the forum drew 2,700 participants representing 302 colleges and universities from 73 countries.

UTC students truly enjoyed the experience, speakers, and workshops. DeAngelo Williams remarked that the R.I.S.E. Forum “provided me with the chance to not only network with a group of speakers, but with finance students all across the globe.”  Martha Marrufo said “every day at R.I.S.E. was a fascinating learning experience.”  Also inspired, Matt Tatum said that “the plethora of premier professionals at the R.I.S.E. Forum encourages you to reach for the stars!” And finally, Stephen Tilstra commented, “To see how financial principles I’ve learned in the classroom have been implemented in reality was invaluable.”

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