Dr. Lyn Miles’ anthropology students showed how humans made cave paintings with a spitting technique used by aborigines, developed language, culture and civilization, and modified their environment. This prehistoric demonstration occurred on Vine Street between the UTC University Center and Brock Hall.

A highlight was the smashing of a large pot donated by Southeastern Salvage, which was reconstructed on the spot using anthropological methods. Students illustrated:

  • Making stone tools
  • Cave painting and face painting
  • Chanting, drumming and rituals
  • Farming and village life
  • Development of writing
  • The internet and global connections
  • Fossil fuels and nuclear energy of a Type 0 Civilization of today
  • Sustainable energy resources of a Type 1 Civilization of the future

“Students demonstrated how humans developed mimetic culture of simple stone tools, and then representational culture of symbols, technology and space exploration. This prehistory demonstration is ‘active learning’ outside the classroom that engages students beyond the textbook.  It is also in keeping with UTC’s Strategic Plan which emphasizes environmental awareness and the development green technologies,” Miles said.

This is the second annual prehistory demonstration at UTC which was begun in 2009.

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