A new contemporary, multidisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion in America has been edited by UTC Professor Emeritus Dr. Charles Lippy and includes nearly a dozen contributors with UTC connections.

“The entire project runs more than 2,400 pages and is heavily illustrated. It pushes the understanding of religion in America in new directions—there are lots of entries on Canada, Mexico, and Latino religious life,” Lippy said.

Lippy is the LeRoy A. Martin Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus. A past president of the American Society of Church History, he has written or edited more than 20 books on American religious life. His most recent is Introducing American Religion, which appeared in 2009.

Visual culture, material culture, literature, music, film, and a host of entries on women, gender and sexuality are covered. Additional topics include abortion, bio-ethics and same-gender marriage.

Contributors to the Encyclopedia of Religion in America include:

Dr. Gene Bartoo, Education; Kelly Jo Fulkerson, UTC UHON alumna who earned a graduate degree from Harvard; Dr. Bryan Hampton, English; Dr. Ralph Hood, Psychology; Lippy, Philosophy and Religion; David (Gene) Mills, adjunct, Philosophy and Religion; Dr. Dennis Plaisted, Philosophy and Religion; Darris Saylors, UTC UHON alumna with a graduate degree from Harvard; Dr. Aaron Shaheen, English; Christopher Silver, Ed.D. candidate and adjunct in the Department of Psychology.

Dr. Brian Pennington at Maryville College, who taught for a couple years at UTC, is also a contributor.

This group of authors penned 14 entries among nearly 400 contributions.

The encyclopedia is available in print, online and as a PDF Book.  For more information, visit www.cqpress.com

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