Lela Ivins was shocked to learn that Chancellor Roger Brown does not have his own parking space reserved specifically for him.  “He circles around like everyone else when he cannot find a space,” Ivins said.

It was one of many interesting facts this special education major learned when she participated in Trading Places, a day when she picked up a briefcase and played the role of UTC Chancellor while Chancellor Roger Brown attended Ivins’ classes for her.  Ivins won the honor when she donated money for the UTC Student Alumni Council’s fundraiser for earthquake relief in Haiti.

When “Chancellor Ivins” attended an Executive Team meeting, she also learned that PETA objects to the UTC fishing team.  “I never really thought about all the responsibilities of the Chancellor, it’s been kind of like a mystery.  I’ve learned it’s a job that requires a lot of social skills,” Ivins said.

The Manchester native has lived in Tennessee her entire life, and she is considering moving up north or out west after graduation.

She gave her counterpart– “student” Dr. Roger Brown– an excellent grade when he stepped in as a teaching assistant for Ivins.  He read to kindergarten students at Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences.  “He did a wonderful job, the children loved him!” Ivins said.

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