Student Health Services (SHS) has reopened on campus in Maclellan Gym across from the University Center with five examination rooms and a triage/lab room. SHS is outfitted with new equipment in UTC blue thanks to a one time startup donation from Memorial Health Systems. Donated equipment includes exam tables, otoscopes, wheelchairs, desks, stools, a stretcher, and other equipment.

student-health-tour-2013-08“This new location is great because it’s important for SHS to be convenient and accessible to students,” says Timothy Jones, FNP-BC, Director of SHS. “It took a collaboration of a lot of people dedicated to making SHS a success and it’s that collaboration that made this possible. Memorial was instrumental in that. It just shows the willingness of the community and the campus to come together.”

SHS has treated approximately 2,500 students since it reopened at its new location. The staff provide a number of services, such as office visits, treatment of acute illness, diagnosis of chronic illnesses, STI evaluations, allergy shots, and IV rehydration.

“We take care of those that are sick, but we have well care in addition to that,” says Carol Oglesby, Assistant Director of SHS.

Well care, or visits to physicians for preventative care, includes check-ups, physical exams, and Well-Woman exams. SHS also provided 750 flu vaccinations this past October.

There is no fee associated with office visits for current UTC students, who are only expected to pay a fee for services such as labs, tests, or medications, based only on the cost to SHS. Most of the tests SHS performs cost $5 or less.

UTC faculty and staff are also eligible to make an appointment with SHS, but are required to pay a fee for office visits.

As for the things that SHS can’t do, such as resetting broken bones or creating allergy serum, they can refer students to the appropriate healthcare professionals.

“If there is a health issue you have and you think that we can’t treat you here, we will find someone who can. If you need help and we can’t provide it, we will find that help for you,” says Oglesby.

SHS frequently offers programing on a wide variety of health topics, including sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, nutrition, body image, eating disorders, stress, sexual assault and more.

Upcoming programming includes a stress work shop from Health Source in March for those who may be overwhelmed as the end of the semester draws near. Ying Yang Acupuncture will also be coming in March to introduce acupuncture to students who may have questions about it.

Educational materials on health issues are also available through the Student Health Services.

If you’re planning on visiting Student Health Services, try to make an appointment; SHS will see patients who have an appointment first. Appointments can be made by calling (423)425-2266 from 8 – 5.  Every effort will be made to see walk-in patients as time permits based on the severity of the problem.

For more information, please visit the SHS website.

Media Relations Contacts: Email Shawn Ryan or call (423) 425-4363.

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  1. Laura H Romersa says:

    My child (sophomore living on campus) spent most of yesterday at Earlanger Hospital after showing up at the health clinic Tuesday morning. Monday she was told the clinic “had no appointments” available. I instructed her to walk over there anyway because she was very sick. The clinic was closed although the hours posted indicated it should still be open. I’m concerned because my child then had to wait more than 12 hours for the clinic to open on Tuesday morning. I appreciate the care given while she was at the clinic (they deemed her issue as an emergency and advised her to go immediately to a hospital).
    Does the student health clinic typically only serve students with appointments?