Here’s a little math to ponder:  in the recent past, 160 UTC classroom projectors had standard projector bulbs that cost between $300 to $400 each, and they had to be replaced every six to nine months.  

statistical-methods-in-business-2014-11Now UTC Information Technology is supporting classroom teaching with Projector Refresh—new Panasonic SOLID SHINE Series projectors with an LED/Laser-combined light source are being installed.  What’s the difference?

The bulbs will need no replacement for the lifetime of the projectors, a money-saver and another step toward preserving our campus environment.  Additionally, the new projectors mean less disruption during class for maintenance of the projectors.  Air filters will not need to be cleaned or replaced because they feature an airtight enclosure and a dust-resistant projector case.

“This product is a great ‘win-win’ for the University with improved performance, a brighter picture, and it is more fiscally responsible,” explained Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer Thomas Hoover. “We should not have to replace the new LED projectors for at least seven years, maybe even ten years.  The current projector brightness starts to dim after a few years, which we should not experience in the LED projectors.”

IT has replaced 20 older projectors and will be replacing another 13 classrooms as well as the Signal, Lookout, and Raccoon Mountain conference rooms before fall semester 2014.  The projectors in Signal, Lookout and Raccoon Mountain rooms will not be LED projectors because the rooms are too large.

“We are hoping to replace another 40 projectors in the new fiscal year as part of a classroom technology refresh,” said Hoover.

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  1. Lisa Darger says:

    With these projectors, virtual computers, and virtual servers – we are definately saving electricity, as well as maintenance cost. Great job, IT!