20160718_173158Dr. Abdelrahman Karrar, Visiting Professor, Electrical Engineering, received high honors at this year’s General Meeting for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Power and Energy Society (PES) in Boston, MA.

Karrar was joined by graduate students Mariana Kamel and Haytham Saeed for the research and execution of their conference paper: “On-site Low Voltage Determination of Zero Sequence Impedances for Station Auxiliary Transformers.” After the already high honor of being chosen as one of the conference’s 60 best papers, the paper was named “best of the best” for its track.

“We were over the moon, naturally. This is an honor on the highest level!” said Karrar.

Only three other papers were recognized to such a high degree at the conference.

The trio’s research was sponsored by a nuclear group out of TVA. Their research on open phase faults is finding new, more economical approaches to an otherwise extremely expensive method.

“The objective of our research was to develop a new, accurate and yet affordable method to measure the zero sequence impedance of station transformers. This parameter has become critically important to understand and develop protection against open phase faults which have caused recent disruptions in the nuclear power plant industry,” explained Karrar.

This isn’t the first time similar research from the department has gained recognition. Last year, graduate students Kamel and Saeed received national recognition for their research and partnership with TVA. Read more about their work here.

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