SmokeFree UTC has been given a $12,000 grant to help with efforts to inform students, faculty and staff that the campus will not allow smoking as of Jan. 1, 2019.

The money, given by the CVS Health Foundation and American Cancer Society, will be used to place SmokeFree UTC signage on some campus lightposts and to hire a speaker who’ll speak to various student groups and campus organizations about a smoke-free campus, says Carol Oglesby, assistant director of Health Education and Wellness Promotion and co-chair of the SmokeFree UTC.

When the smoke-free ban goes into effect, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and vaping devices will not be allowed anywhere at UTC. The ban applies to all buildings, outdoor spaces, including parking lots and athletic fields, and inside personal vehicles. The policy applies to all students, faculty, staff and anyone else, regardless of why they’re at UTC.

Over the next year, the SmokeFree UTC initiative will educate the campus about the smoke-free rules.





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