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Honors College students win the most awards at national conference

Three students in UTC’s Honors College won the largest number of awards at a national honors conference.

Giving credit to school spirit: UTC logo now available on MasterCards

MasterCards with the logo of schools in the UT System, including UTC, are now available.

UTC students’ research project controls drones using brainwaves

    Buzzing like a mammoth insect, the four-prop drone lifts off the ground, rising straight up. Once it reaches about four feet, it hovers for a bit, then slowly settles back to the ground. It doesn’t seem like much of a flight until you understand how it happened. No handheld controls, no tether, no nothing. Just brain waves. Tony Ferguson sits about 12 feet away at a laptop.

Student-made film on arrests of Iranian scholars sets screening next week

Honors College studentrs have put together a short film on the arrests of an Iranian-born Ph.D. student and a physician on what appear to be trumped-up charges of espionage.

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UTC ranked as one of best schools for students with autism

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has been selected as one of the country’s best colleges for students with autism.

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