UTC is part of a newly formed organization that combines several Chattanooga groups in the pursuit of research projects and funding for those projects.

Along with the university, the Chattanooga Smart Community Collaborative includes EPB, Erlanger Hospital, the city and Hamilton County governments and such groups as Co.Lab and the Enterprise Center. The goal is for each of the partners to bring its own expertise to the mix and, in doing so, continue Chattanooga’s role as a leader in technology research.

As part of the effort, the collaborative is joining forces with the newly created Center for Urban Informatics and Progress, a research group helmed by UTC and located on the college’s campus.

Quoted in the Times Free Press,  UTC Chancellor Steve Angle said, “This position really is to help attract more researchers and grants to Chattanooga. It’s not about building a kingdom for us at UTC, but about building a bigger pie and growing more research activity in this area.”

The CUIP—pronounced “quip”—is now the go-to organization for Smart City projects in Chattanooga. Those projects include, among others, designing transportation systems—both public and private—that are more efficient and safer, finding new and better methods for energy delivery and usage to the area and improving healthcare for the region.

Reinhold Mann, deputy vice chancellor for research at UTC and one of the key faces of CUIP, says he’ll be working with the other members of the Chattanooga Smart Community Collaborative to attract new research partners and funding sources.

“Through my role, we’re looking towards UTC to build partnerships,” he says.


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Shawn Ryan is the executive staff writer in the Office of Communications and Marketing at UTC.

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