These faculty members have been recognized for excellence with professorships and grants.

The Alexander and Charlotte Guerry Professorship

Guerry Professorships are awarded to tenured faculty who have distinguished themselves nationally through teaching, research, scholarship and other significant contributions. Here are this year’s recipients.

  • Hope Klug — associate professor, Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Science.
  • Mina Sartipi — professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Each faculty member holds a Guerry Professorship for five years and receives a $10,000 stipend each academic year to support continued work in teaching, research and scholarship.

UC Foundation Professorship

UC Foundation professorships are given to exceptionally productive junior faculty on the tenure track. This year’s recipients are:

  • Michael Danquah — professor, Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering.
  • Kara Hamilton — assistant professor, Department of Health and Human Performance.
  • Katie Hargrave — assistant professor, Department of Art.
  • David Locander — assistant professor, Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship.
  • Andrea Neely — assistant professor, Department of Management.
  • Karissa Peyer — assistant professor, Department of Health and Human Performance.

Each faculty member above receives a $2,500 increase to base salary, supplied by the UC Foundation.

Ruth S. Holmberg Grants for Faculty Excellence 

The Ruth S. Holmberg Grants support faculty who have demonstrated the potential and ability to function at a higher level of scholarship, engage students in addressing problems of contemporary importance through research efforts or work with tenured faculty or the administration in building innovative curriculum. The recipients of the Holmberg Grants are:

  • Amir Alakaam — associate professor, Department of Health and Human Performance
    Proposal: “A Community Based Research to Increase Breastfeeding Rates among Low-Income Mother in Hamilton County, Tennessee.”
  • Michael Danquah — professor, Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering
    Proposal: Enhancing Minimal Residual Disease Detection of Neuroblastoma.”
  • Ashley Howell — assistant professor, Department of Psychology
    Proposal: “Ensuring Early-Career Success: Supplemental Support for Extramurally Funded Research and Research Mentorship.”
  • Francesca Leasi — assistant professor, Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Science
    Proposal: “Biodiversity of Microscopic Invertebrates in Hamilton County Using Cutting-edge Molecular Approaches.”
  • John Swanson — professor, Department of History
    Proposal: “Lili Jacob and the Auschwitz Album.”
  • Christina Vogel — associate professor, Department of Art
    Proposal: “Ladylike: A Tentative Title for a New Body of Paintings.”

Each Holmberg recipient will receive up to $5,000 in funding to support their proposal.



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