Mina Sartipi

Mina Sartipi , director at the Center for Urban Informatics and Progress at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, has been selected to serve on the EPB board of directors.

“This is a huge honor,” Sartipi said. “EPB does phenomenal, people-focused work and has been a great partner to CUIP and UTC. The fiber-optic network has been a critical resource for the smart city research initiatives of CUIP and the city. I am excited for this opportunity to be a part of a company that works hard to make the community stronger.”

Chattanooga’s Smart City initiative examines and tests everything from traffic flow and electricity delivery to air quality and safety issues. The research is centered at CUIP and its partners.

The city began its Smart City work in 2010 with the creation of EPB’s fiber-optic internet system, making Chattanooga the first U.S. city to offer high-speed internet access to every resident. After CUIP was created in 2018, its research projects include improving traffic flow to lower the amount of automobile pollution in the city, reduce the number of vehicle accidents and make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Through the efforts of CUIP and the Chattanooga Smart Community Collaborative—a research partnership between UTC, the City of Chattanooga, Erlanger Health System, EPB, Hamilton County, Co.Lab and The Enterprise Center—the city became one of two in the U.S. invited to join the 2020 G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance, a group of 36 cities from 22 countries who will work together on Smart City concepts. San Jose, California, was the other U.S. city invited to join.

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