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Studying Abroad: My Experience in Bonnie Scotland

Since my freshman year I dreamed of getting to spend a semester abroad. I never actually thought that dream would become a reality. However, in my spring semester of junior year I was lucky enough to study at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When the day finally came for me to start my journey, I don’t

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Studying abroad is something I dreamed about from a very young age. As a child I constantly read books and was enamored by the adventures the characters took me on, always wanting to go on one of my own. Many years, and books, later I found myself at UTC with the opportunity to finally make my dreams come true and spend an entire semester in a new country with

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My Global Life-Changing Experience

I believe that every single thing happens for a reason and for me, studying abroad was just what I needed in the chapter of life that I am currently in. This experience not only changed my life, but also helped fuel my passion for traveling and setting more defined career goals. This experience was amazing, and although it got cut very short due to Covid-19, I can’t help but

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My Self-Discovery Journey in Denmark

My decision to study abroad has forever changed me. I am a better version of myself, and I have gained the confidence that I so desperately needed. Before I left the United States, I was afraid of people and making mistakes. The past me would often avoid engaging in university activities, my course curriculum, and even with some of my peers in a fear of not being “perfect”. I

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From ESL to Undergrad: Winning Outstanding ESL Student of the Year is Only the Beginning for Zahraa

Let’s hear it for Zahraa, the first-ever winner of the Outstanding ESL Student of the Year Award! At the end of Spring 2020, Zahraa received a cash prize of $100. Zahraa, who is from Iraq, completed her first semester at UTC as an English as a Second Language student. She worked hard to improve her English, and this fall, she has returned to UTC as a biology major. During

Congratulations, Chenyu! CGE’s First Outstanding International Undergraduate Student of the Year

We’re so proud of Chenyu, the first-ever recipient of the Outstanding International Undergraduate Student of the Year Award! At the end of Spring 2020, Chenyu received a cash prize of $500. Chenyu is from China and just completed his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at UTC. He is a dedicated student and even made the Dean’s List while staying engaged with extracurricular activities, such as volunteering at the Chattanooga

Congratulations, Miette! CGE’s First Outstanding Study Abroad Student of the Year

We’re so excited for Miette, the winner of our first-ever Outstanding Study Abroad Student of the Year Award! At the end of Spring 2020, Miette received a cash prize of $500. Miette is a Chattanooga local. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from UTC and is now pursuing her MBA. Miette has spent time in a whopping eight countries during her time at UTC. In addition to

Our First Outstanding International Graduate Student of the Year

Let’s give it up for Shahab, the first-ever winner of the Outstanding International Graduate Student of the Year Award! Shahab will receive a cash prize of $500. Shahab, who is from Iran, came to UTC in Fall 2019 to pursue his PhD in computational science. His focus is computational engineering. Shahab has worked hard all year, and he is still at it. This summer, he will travel to Sweden to

Amazing Opportunity and Life Changing Experience

This trip to Cape Town, South Africa was my first time traveling to the African continent. Although it was a long flight to Cape Town the experience was worth the jet lag. This trip has changed my life through the amazing opportunities that I was able to experience on this trip. The course that is associated with this trip was designed to increase our educational awareness of international and

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Cape Town: A City of Wealth and Poverty

During my stay in Cape Town, South Africa, I was exposed to many different people in many different regions. At a glance, visitors in Cape town will see the clean, safe walkways of the Virginia and Alfred Waterfront, and brand new Porche 911s and G Wagons parked in the Camp Bay area. While these areas of South Africa are very pleasurable to visit, it does not illustrate the true

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