Renée Haugerud is the Founder, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal of Galtere Ltd., a registered investment advisor that manages commodity-based global macro strategies.  Haugerud is noted for her methodology that combines a diverse profile and theme investment strategy and risk management.   An early focus on grain markets and bio fuels, and a belief in the potential of commodity markets since the late 1990s have been among the hallmarks of Haugerud’s successful investment career.

Haugerud began trading in the global financial and commodity markets in 1980 for agriculture and food giant Cargill Inc.  Her trading tenure started in the cash commodity markets focused primarily in the United States and Canada.  Her interests in the relationship between financial markets and geopolitics spurred the rest of her career and led to international posts in Geneva, Canada, the U.K., and Australia.  Haugerud developed expertise in a broad and diverse range of securities while at Cargill, assuming the following positions:  Fixed Income trader in Minneapolis; Financial Division Manager of Cargill’s Melbourne Office; Foreign Exchange Trading Manager, based in Cargill’s Geneva office; board membership of Cargill Australia; and Structural Trading Manager at Cargill’s corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

Following her years at Cargill, Haugerud spent two years in Hong Kong as the Head of Proprietary Trading for Natwest in their Global Financial Markets division.  She then returned to the U.S. as the Financial Trading Manager for Hunter Douglas N.A. in New York.  Haugerud’s successful corporate career culminated in her founding Galtere Ltd. in 1997.

Haugerud’s insight into how global markets are affected by the psychology and relationships of macroeconomic trends makes her a sought-after speaker and panelist at global investment events.  Haugerud has been interviewed on CNBC, CNN and the PBS Nightly Business Report, and has also been profiled in Barron’s, eFinancial News, Forbes Magazine, Fortune, ForbesLife Executive Woman, MAR Futures, Time and Trader Monthly. She is active in the community of women and business leaders, and an active advocate for numerous global education initiatives.

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