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2013 Behavioral Finance Symposium: October 10 in Chattanooga, TN

Risk taking transforms our body chemistry—it drives us to extremes of euphoria and unusual behavior or it can cause stress and depression.  Imagine how it affects investors.

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Galtere interns spend the summer in Empire City

Following a lengthy application and interview process, four UTC Finance students were selected to participate in a four-week summer internship with Galtere, Ltd., a commodities-focused hedge fund, in New York City.

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Renée Haugerud featured in “The Glass Hammer”

Renée Haugerud, Founder and Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal of Galtere Ltd. was interviewed for The Glass Hammer, an award-winning blog and online community created for women executives in finance, law, technology and business.

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College of Business hosts inaugural behavioral finance symposium

At the 2011 Behavioral Finance Symposium, leading experts in the relatively new field of behavioral finance will discuss behavioral biases and heuristics that influence investment decisions. Experts will also examine the differences in how men and women approach investing. This two-day conference will provide engaging thought and discussion around one of the hottest topics on Wall Street.

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Spotlight on CNN Money: UTC College of Business donor

Renee Haugerud began her life on a small Minnesota farm, worked her way to Wall Street, and currently manages a billion dollar hedge fund for Galtere Ltd. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga College of Business has benefitted from a generous gift bestowed by Haugerud and her husband, John Murphy. UTC business students are learning a lot in a new Bloomberg lab and trading room, especially the way women

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