What goes into a UTC production? Every aspect requires the dedication of our students–from running lines and building sets, to polishing the the characters’ personalities with costumes.

Meet some of the students behind beloved characters’ looks and the costumes they are proud of.

“Never be afraid to try new skills. Because when I first came here I was intimidated. Working with someone who has spent a good part of their life creating such beautiful things–how could I ever come to a fraction of that?” explains Senior Joseph Ellison.


Read more about our talented costume creators here.

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3 Comments » for Meet our costume designer technicians
  1. Mary Marr says:

    Beautiful costumes!

  2. Katharine Holt says:

    I really wish I could bring my mother onto campus to see some of these costumes and learn more about how they are created. We are theatre folk 😉

  3. Jeannie Hacker-Cerulean says:

    I had an asisstantship at LSU in the Costume Shop for a semester. We made so many amazing costumes. I especially enjoyed designing the “weird” ones, like Marley from “A Christmas Carole”. The back of his head was a brass door knocker lit with a tiny spot light, and when Scrooge knocked, the actor spun around and Marley’s ghost seemingly appeared out of no where. The audience screamed!!!