Diversity—including diversity of thought—is a core value of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. This idea was put to the test when a question of free speech developed between several groups of students.

The heated dialogue that resulted was unfortunate but serves as a teachable moment for our students and the incoming student government leadership. The UTC administration has not played a role in this debate. No student has been disciplined or chastised by the administration for his/her personal political beliefs.

UTC is home to more than 11,000 students, 1,200 faculty and staff, and 50,000 alumni, each with individual backgrounds and beliefs. We hope the students involved in this dispute resolve their differences and use this opportunity to learn important lessons about humility, effective communication, collaboration, and leadership.

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6 Comments » for UTC Statement Regarding Recent Events
  1. Colm newson says:

    If I was to use the hashtag #whiteutc I would be branded a racist and would be attacked on social media. This whole dispute is being cause over PC […] . It’s humors to be. Students claim to be “oppressed” every day and yet they can’t give a single example of what the oppression is. As a member of Greek life, we face oppression every day. We are branded racists, rappists and privileged every day, yet you never hear us preaching oppression from the tree tops and trying to gain attention over it. Why is that? Because we understand tha people won’t like us. We understand that people will always hate us for the simple people we are. We are mature enough to accept this and use it to make outselves better. Students have to learn that not everyone is going to get along or share the same ideas. But claiming that hate and oppression happen everyday on campus to a level that actual should warrant any attention is utter stupidity. That’s my view on this. Feels good writing it out.

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  3. Jake Anderson says:

    This whole thing is rediculous. I’m furious that the University of my home town allowed this to happen. The current SGA president needs to step down for his unethical and UNAMERICAN path to his position. Punishing someone for their beliefs is outrageous. How would this be looked at if she had been forced out of her position for being Muslim? The media would go wild talking about your descrimination. I’m ashamed of you people.

  4. Blain says:

    Not taking a role in the debate is why you are a failed Administration. You are silently sponsoring the hysterical decision of a Kangaroo Court that you created and oversee.

    A political statement written in washable chalk as part of a harmless viral trend and contest for small prizes has been punished on your campus. Yet, you have chosen the hands off, blame the students that you are too cowardly to stand against approach.

    Your Administration is another brick in the wall of the Authoritarian Leftist intimidation campaign silencing even moderate points of view on the issues of race, gender, and politics on campuses in every Western country. Who would have believed just a few years ago they the rise of a new Moral Majority Aged 16-25!

  5. Mr. Gomez says:

    What a terrible response. “We hope this serves as a teaching moment”, is that “lesson” a reminder NOT to practice an Americans right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression? Wow, yes. What a teachable lesson. That the left not only attacks the second amendment, but the first amendment as well. Fascists!

    Your students are persecuting another student for practicing their freedom to expression and speech, persecution is the same thing as oppression. How dare you, as administrators, stand by and allow this to happen in your school! You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This same fascism being practiced by your students to silence freedom of speech and expression is how Hitler came to power! You’re on the wrong side of history and I’ll laugh when the next generation issues an “apology” for the blatant oppression practiced by you so called “administrators”.

    Silence implies solidarity, how dare you!