Student veterans graduated in a virtual commencement ceremony on Thursday, July 30. To view it, go to:


Adkins, Cody

Bearden, Benjamin

Beirne, Ryan C.

Bossy, Charlotte C.

Brooks, Michael T.

Brown, Jody

Buddenbohn, Ashleigh

Cage-Henderson, Christian D.

Callahan, Hannah E.

Caporali, Joseph A.

Clayton, Dakota A.

Cross, David L.

Deason, Trent A.

Delisle, Michael P.

Dickinson, Nicole A.

Dupoux, Alexis M.

Ferguson, Taylor K.

Groot, Tim

Hall, Danity B.

Hall, Justin D.

Huffman, Lucas

Hughes, Lauren C.

Hughes, Shawna M.

Hunter, Jacob D.

Ingham, Christopher A.

Johnson, Landis J.

Jones, Eric W.

Jones, Rodney A.

Justice, Rebecca L.

Lewis, Breanna T.

Lohmann, Collin

Lott, Timothy

Lyons, Jaleen A.

Mattingly, James R.

Mcdaniel, Jason C.

Miller, James R.

Moore, Sean

Nauman, Kristin

North, Zachary J.

Parker, Bobby L.

Parmley, Abigail E.

Pellegrin, Lauren E.

Pickard, Alan N.

Ross-Smith, Carmen

Ryan, Kiana M.

Ryan, Thomas P.

Scruggs, Jacquelyn A.

Sellers, Alexandra L.

Shelton, John

Smith, Maggie M.

Snyder, Alexander J.

Sumrall, Adam

Thornton, Casey M.

Traxler, Brenton

Tuch, Josiah W.

Tweedy, Kelsey N.

Williams, Lauren N.

Wilson, Andrew W.

Wilson, Tiffany M.

Youngs, Timothy D.

Zimmermann, Samantha

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