Steven R. Angle, Chancellor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Yesterday Chris Malone, a UTC football coach, posted a Tweet regarding Stacey Abrams that was hateful, hurtful and untrue.  Coach Malone is no longer a part of the University. UTC faculty and staff are expected to lead in a way that achieves and maintains a respectful, tolerant and civil campus environment.  The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga does not tolerate and unequivocally condemns discrimination and hatred in all forms.

Mark Wharton – UTC Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics

Last night, a totally inappropriate social media post by a member of our football staff was brought to my attention.  The entire post was appalling. The sentiments in that post do not represent the values of our football program, our Athletics department or our University. With that said, effective immediately, that individual is no longer a part of the program.

Rusty Wright – UTC Head Football Coach

Our football program has a clear set of standards. Those standards include respecting others. It is a message our players hear daily. It is a standard I will not waver on. What was posted on social media by a member of my staff is unacceptable and not any part of what I stand for or what Chattanooga Football stands for.  Life is bigger than football and as leaders of young men, we have to set that example, first and foremost. With that said, effective immediately, that individual is no longer a part of my staff.



Media Relations Contacts: Email UTC Media Relations or call 423-425-5119.

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  1. Jennifer Davis says:

    Thank you for your swift action!

  2. Tonya Foreman says:

    Thank you for taking swift action in this matter. It is important that UTC’s messaging is one integrity. I appreciate your setting and maintaining quality standards for the leaders at UTC. Our family has always been proud to be affiliated with this university and the quality of education it provides. I’m happy to know that respect, tolerance and equity are practiced by UTC. Have a great day and keep doing the work.

  3. Von says:

    Great job on being open and honest and holding him accountable for his disgusting actions and hatred.

  4. Jenny Carragher says:

    Simply terminating Assistant Coach Malone does not sufficiently address the malignancy here.

    I do not see one black person listed as a member of the Chancellor’s Staff, Chancellor Angle. Perhaps that would be a good place to start healing this cancer.

  5. Ronald Franklin says:

    Thank you for your swift response to an ugly situation. We are dealing with some trying times and some individuals are fueling the fire for a downward spiral of society. I applaud your university for the high standards you have established and I know will continue to do so.

  6. Roger Griggs says:

    I sure hope you will uniformly apply your “standards”. Could you share the last time person was fired for pointed comments about conservatives, president Trump or Christians. We both know there are none.

    I hope this fellow has more discretion in the future however nearly all libs are highly lenient when minorities burn down campuses and there never seem to be any repercussions however make a comment about a lib and this fellow looses his job. Hypocritical

  7. Kimberli Fancher says:

    Thank you for taking swift and decisive action. Hate-filled rhetoric cannot be tolerated. This isn’t about limiting free speech but about consequences for a bitter attitude and heartened heart that isn’t fit to lead our youth.

  8. Lynette Nicholson says:

    Thank you guys for handling this matter fast and professional.

  9. Cheryl L Cook says:

    Thank you for your swift action. Rev. Dr. Cheryl Cook-Posley, Washington DC

  10. Edward Newhouse says:

    Thank you for being upstanding against racism.

  11. Angela Lee says:

    Thank you for addressing this mans racist, sexist diatribe. May in go deep within to salvage his own soul while others like him grapple with their hateful hearts. I love Chattanooga and look forward to vacations there.

  12. MARY MILLER says:

    You did the right thing UTC!!

  13. S Chin says:

    Thank you !

  14. Lori says:

    This COUNTRY was attacked at the capital yesterday by loud mouthed morons like that one. You need to step up your game and make sure you let the WORLD know racism and ignorance isn’t tolerated at your collegiate home in Chattanooga. This state is FAILING. BIG TIME.

  15. David Cuthbert says:

    Congrats on making a quick and important decision. I hope you spend significant time educating your student body on this entire situation at length. We need to stop this behavior at every level.

  16. Leo says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing with firing that racist bigot from your university. America does not need people like that and neither does your university.

  17. John Ojibe says:

    It is his right to freely express his opinion! What is wrong with that? The left are actually fascists!

  18. Kristi Lem Albrecht says:

    If any professor or staff from your school “liked” that post, they should be fired as well. And any student who “liked” the post should be expelled. Immediately.

  19. Karen Spencer says:

    Just wanted to say thank you. Your actions matter.

  20. Cheryl Avery says:

    Disgusting and unacceptable. His removal is the only choice. Please confirm he will receive no additional pay and that he has been FIRED with no severance.

  21. AHL says:

    Thank you for upholding the standards and commitment of UTC.

    You sent a no tolerance message

  22. Gina Nelson says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing. That those comments were said and written by an adult male is extremely appalling and disappointing.

  23. Donna Allan says:

    Thank you

  24. Mary James says:

    Thank you for taking the unfortunate behavior of Mr. Malone variously. You have restored my faith in humanity.

    Mary James

  25. Jim Blackurn says:

    Thanks for taking such a firm and decisive stance. I am a former UTC staff member (Admissions Office 1973-1977) and an alumnus (M.Ed., 1976) Statements made by the former coach would not have been welcome in the 1970’s, and they are completely “out of line” in the 21st century.

  26. Sue Holmes says:

    I’m heartened to see senior staff at the university condemning the statement which appeared on Twitter and that the individual is no longer an employee of your university.

  27. Sharon Wi says:

    Thank you for your precise words in condemnation of this hateful, despicable act by this scumbag. I am quite sure he is now forcibly retired for life.

  28. Rev. Tommy Rodgers says:

    If he was comfortable enough to post this file that makes me believe there is a culture around him that tacitly allows this vile. It’s one thing to excise a cancer but the whole body needs to be examined since cancer spreads.

  29. Connie says:

    Thank you for your quick actions. I was appalled when I read his comments. Women deserve to be treated better.

  30. Catherine Stewart says:

    Well done. Thank you.

  31. Tamara Renner says:

    Thank you for speaking out against such vile comments from your staff. This is an example of a true leader one that should be respected.

  32. Nancy schmidtgoessling says:

    Congratulations to UTC for firing chris malone. First, such expressions of hatred and bigotry should never be made. Second, people spouting such hatred and bigotry should never be in a leadership role over young people. You did tge right and courageous thing UTC. We must always stand for respectful treatment of all people, always!