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Concert explores social justice through music

Although many might think so, protest songs didn’t just spring to life during the Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War movements of the 1960s.

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Rockin’ the Dream: Jason D., Yacht Rock set for Saturday concert

Piano-pounder Jason D. Williams and soft’n’smooth Yacht Rock Revue play American Dream Concert.

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Art for All: UTC Engineers, Artists Help People with Disabilities

Engineering and art — not always the first two subjects that come to mind when thinking about collaborations.

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Airing it out: Surreal and musical, Squonk Opera brings “Pneumatica” to UTC

Instruments and props are powered by air, a good detail since the performance is part of the Earth, Wind and Solar Festival, a collaboration between UTC and the City of Chattanooga that celebrates all forms of sustainable energy.

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UTC hosts Lemonade Week examining Beyoncé’s visual album

UTC is embracing Beyoncé’s “visual album” Lemonade, using her thoughts along with Candice Benbow’s “Lemonade: The Syllabus” as jumping-off points to discuss issues raised on Lemonade, such as the lives, loves and pain of black women.

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