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College of Arts and Sciences opens ‘The Hub’ success center for students

The Hub is the new student success center designed to help the College of Arts and Science’s graduates prepare for life, both while at and after college.

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Research will see if combustion residue sticks to silicone bracelets and rings

The silicone bracelet on your wrist might be more than just a statement of personal style. A study now taking place at UTC is analyzing various wristbands, rings and other items with silicone in them, trying to detect certain organic chemicals that are left behind when any form of combustion takes place, including fireworks, welding, starting a fire or firing a gun. “As anyone who has ever shot a

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UTC & Covenant College sign new agreement

Agreement allows Covenant College engineering students to transfer to UTC after three years and earn a degree over the next two.

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Volunteers needed for Math Blast Off program

Volunteers are needed to help teach math to seventh- and eight-graders in late July.

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UTC rower achieves Top 10 finish in national competition

UTC sophomore finishes seventh in the nation in American Collegiate Rowing Association regatta.

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