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Out of this world research

Dr. Jim Henry is taking the work of the University to new heights, far above the earth. From the Johnson Space Center, Henry witnessed a test of the EXPRESS Payload Simulator software he specifically developed for the International Space Station during a flight of space shuttle Atlantis in May 2010. Earth-bound researchers who must communicate with equipment in their laboratories use the Internet with web browsers and file sharing

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Growing a better fuel source

Profitable, clean, carbon-neutral energy sources have been difficult to develop. UTC Engineering professor Dr. Frank Jones and his research team are seeking funds to build a micro-reactor to make biodiesel. “The real-world application of this transformational technology would be a biodiesel production plant the size of a typical desktop computer tower capable of producing 500-1000 liters of biodiesel per week. These devices would be distributed and operated by small

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Students study river walk use

Ten miles of paved pathway in the Tennessee Riverpark recently brought Chattanooga national recognition as one of the top cities in the nation for bicycling. Students from two UTC departments teamed up to collect and analyze data about usage of the Tennessee Riverpark. Graduate students presented results at the Tennessee American Planning Association fall conference in Chattanooga. With updated results from fall 2009 and spring 2010, the data set

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Campaign update

“‘If we only had the money’ are the words often used to begin a conversation about improvements needed at the University,” said Brenda Lawson, co-chair of the UT Campaign for Tennessee. She recently provided a campaign update for a UTC audience. “Time to Achieve,” UTC’s fundraising component of the UT system’s Campaign for Tennessee, is making good progress toward its $65 million goal, with more than $61 million raised

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Graduate student conducts jury research

Any fan of TV’s many legal dramas knows that a trial before a jury of your peers is a hallmark of the American justice system. But television does not always accurately reflect reality. Brandy Hemmer, a psychology graduate student, found that jury pools in Hamilton County, Tennessee, do not represent the community when compared to US Census data. Hemmer presented her research at the 22nd annual Association of Psychological

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