A project that started Sept. 3 will beautify Vine Street between Heritage Plaza and Douglas Street. Once the Vine Street project is completed, a similar redesign of Oak Street will begin. The two streets will become exclusively pedestrian except for emergency vehicles and special event support.

As planned, work on the streets is scheduled to take about 270 days and will remove the old asphalt on both streets and replace it with concrete and decorative pavers. New  new pedestrian lighting, site furniture and trash receptacles also will be installed, and landscaping will be enhanced.  The project also will improve the stormwater management.

Click on the link below to see alternative walking routes during the construction.




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2 Comments » for Beautification project for Vine and Oak streets is underway
  1. Bryon Kluesner says:

    While it will be a nice addition to campus, the Vine Street project between Heritage Plaza and Douglas Street. The “beautification project” has resulted in the removal of the beautiful Magnolia trees that were outside the UC along Vine St. near Brock Hall. It was also sad to watch the Maple Tree at the intersection of Vine and Terrell Owens Way be destroyed. It is unfortunate that a project to make a green way did not re-utilize it’s own beautiful ornaments/plants. It will take years for new trees & ornaments to grow when there were already established “Beautiful” things lining the proposed paths.

  2. Richard Brown says:

    Bryon, the removed trees will be replaced with beautiful large caliper legacy hardwoods and other ornamental tree specimens. You will be impressed with our final work to truly “re-green” this pedestrian way. Many thanks for your continuing sensitivity to protect our tree inventory. UTC has been named a Tree Campus USA institution. We shall continue our efforts to maintain this distinction…..Thanks….Dr. Richard L. Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor