As we prepare for the Fall semester, here is what to expect in terms of COVID-19 related health and safety protocols.

Significant changes have been made to the University’s processes and procedures since May and, as a result, certain prior restrictions have been eased. Please remember though, some last-minute changes as we near the time for returning to campus may be necessary based on statewide and community cases.

As of Aug. 3, 2021

  • Vaccines

    • Vaccines remain the most effective strategy to prevent COVID-19. Therefore, we strongly encourage vaccination for our entire campus community.
    • University Health Services will be offering ongoing vaccine clinics administering Moderna and Johnson & Johnson at various times. Please watch for information regarding these opportunities.
    • We will use a local pharmacy to offer the seasonal flu vaccine on campus. Please watch for information on dates and times.
  • Masks are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status:

    • in all UTC instructional spaces;
    • at University Health Services, the Collins Street Annex while testing or getting a vaccine, and the Counseling Center;
    • on the Mocs Express shuttle. (The city’s CARTA bus system must comply with federal requirements that all riders must wear face masks at all times.)
    • Mask use by anyone, anywhere on campus, regardless of vaccination status, is appropriate.
  • Seating and Social Distancing

    • At this time, students and employees will have full access to campus facilities, common areas and classroom spaces.
  • Operation Move In

    • Optional COVID-19 testing will be offered during the move-in process.
    • Vaccines will be available during the move-in process.
  • Testing

    • Rapid antigen and PCR testing remains available for anyone who wishes to be tested, and for those who have been exposed or who are symptomatic.
  • Quarantine/Isolation Protocols

    • Individuals who upload documentation indicating they are fully vaccinated but have a current exposure to a COVID positive person will be asked to complete the COVID-19 Notification Form . If they are without symptoms, quarantine may not be required but it is expected that they will monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days. Please see the instructions on how to upload Documentation.
    • For those who have uploaded documentation indicating they are fully vaccinated and test positive for COVID-19, isolation is required. The Contact Tracing Team, Office of Student Outreach & Support (students), and Office of Human Resources (employees) will provide guidance.
    • Those with COVID-19 symptoms (both unvaccinated AND fully vaccinated), and those with exposure to someone with COVID-19, and/or those traveling internationally should complete the COVID-19 Notification Form.

The University is closely monitoring how new variants of ​the COVID-19 virus may impact our community. Please see the COVID 19 Website  for the most current information. In addition, faculty and staff can expect to receive a communication from their respective vice chancellors regarding divisional preparations for fall.  The University will re-evaluate our policies, procedures, and expectations as needed to ensure the safety of our community.

Media Relations Contacts: Email UTC Media Relations or call 423-425-5119.
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  1. Jessica White says:

    Could you please offer more online courses for those who want to continue their education but who don’t wish to come to campus due to super rapidly rising COVID numbers?
    Thank You!!