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Be flexible. Consider others. Be kind. Keep your cool.

    Being in charge of her life is a big deal to Brittany Roth, but this summer, control has proven elusive. “Things are just constantly up in the air. I think that things change so quickly, it’s hard to kind of stay on top of everything,” says Roth. The sense of disorientation isn’t just a case of being in her first semester toward earning a master’s in nurse

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Graduate working in public health: ‘Glad to feel useful’

New graduate helps chase COVID-19 infections across 10 counties in Southeast Tennessee.

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Coronavirus screeches vacation in South America to a halt

Coronavirus lockdown traps professor and his family in Peru.

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Master of Public Health ‘pioneers’ graduate at pivotal time

The very first group of students to complete the Master of Public Health program just graduated

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UTC researchers seeking new ways to diagnose, treat coronavirus

Three research projects targeting COVID-19 are now going on through the SimCenter at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The projects are searching for methods to make detection of the virus simpler and also to find ways to combat it. Along with providing $20,000 each for two of the projects, the SimCenter’s supercomputers are capable of quickly crunching massive amounts of data. They also can create computer-based models of

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