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Students affected by COVID in more ways than face masks and social distancing

When it came to sitting down with friends for lunch or dinner, just as it did in the world at large, COVID-19 set a new set of rules in dining halls and restaurants at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Limited number of diners per table. Face masks pulled down to eat then slid back up between bites. Social distancing when possible. Eating together is important to forming social

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Essays examine the economic, social and political elements of ‘superfoods’

Quinoa was hot. It was 2012, and the plant had hit the list of the “superfoods.” A nutritional powerhouse, the grain was gluten-free, chock-full of protein, rich in manganese and phosphorus and low in calories. Bang! It was famous. Then the troubles hit. Quinoa is a product of Peru, and farmers in the country were producing too much of it, outstripping demand. Soon, quinoa was sitting in silos and

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Anthropology Alumni speak about the values of their degrees in virtual panel

Four alumni with very different career paths spoke about their professional experiences and how the skills they gained as anthropology majors served them in their roles.

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Pat and Melody Ormond earn bachelor degrees from UTC

Pat Ormond, 75, and Melody Ormond, 23, both graduated this semester and at received their diplomas at the same commencement ceremony.

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Anthropology students get real-world experience

Students dig into Chickamauga Battlefield for pieces of the Civil War.

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