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Pat and Melody Ormond earn bachelor degrees from UTC

Pat Ormond, 75, and Melody Ormond, 23, both graduated this semester and at received their diplomas at the same commencement ceremony.

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Anthropology students get real-world experience

Students dig into Chickamauga Battlefield for pieces of the Civil War.

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Lindsay Cochran tried several majors before choosing anthropology

Alumni Lindsay Cochran says UTC gave her the chance to explore her career optiions.

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UTC Professor Emeritus Geevarghese passes away

UTC Professor Emeritus P.K. Geevarghese, 85, passed away on Thursday, Oct. 17.

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Another Culture, Another World: UTC students experience China

A group of 11 UTC students recently took a study abroad trip to China, learning about the people, the culture, the social structure and how the country is different from the United States.

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