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Eileen Collins the first female to pilot, command Space Shuttle

On Sept. 19, former astronaut Eileen Collins spoke with students from the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy over Skype in UTC’s Challenger STEM Learning Center.

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Beyond the stars: NASA engineer inspires students

“To do what mankind has not done before.” Sounds a bit like the opening to a science fiction series, but Dr. Paul McConnaughey sees it more as a vision statement.

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UTC hosts Chattanooga Business Opportunity Conference featuring NASA

In partnership with the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, the University hosted a conference featuring representatives from four NASA Centers, NASA prime contractors, and area firms.

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Engineering professor’s software onboard NASA shuttle

“EXPRESS Payload Simulator” software developed by UTC professor Dr. Jim Henry is onboard the NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis that launched May 14.  The software will be installed on Monday, May 24, for several days of demonstration.  Henry was invited to Houston to observe the progress of that demonstration. Earth-bound researchers who communicate with equipment in their laboratories use the Internet with web browsers and file sharing to remotely control

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