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The world currently looks different from the norm, and more than likely, your organization is looking a little different right now, too — including your customer service. Many businesses are currently looking for how they can provide exceptional customer service and help others during these unprecedented times. We are sharing how seven organizations are implementing amazing service for their customers, and how you can implement similar customer service processes in your organization.

Company: Uber Eats

How are they providing exceptional customer service? The popular food-delivery service that works with over 100,000 independent restaurants has decided to waive their delivery fee, making the service more affordable. Uber is also providing contactless deliveries to protect both drivers and customers, along with providing drivers with numerous sanitation materials.

What can I learn from what they are doing? Waive delivery fees to help make your products more affordable, and take necessary precautions to be sanitary (aka, wear gloves) when packaging and producing your products.

Starbucks Coffee cupCompany: Starbucks

How are they providing exceptional customer service? Through May 3, Starbucks is providing any first-line responder to the pandemic with free coffee. From police officers to nurses, medical researches to paramedics — all will receive a tall hot or iced coffee, free of charge.

What can I learn from what they are doing? Offer first responders in your community a thank you gift for their service, whether this be a discount to your services, a free product, etc.

Company: American Property Casualty Insurance Association

How are they providing exceptional customer service? The Association has reinforced its efforts to be a good corporate citizen during this time, as many members have shown charitable and philanthropic efforts during the crisis. Members are donating money to help those in need, and one member even committed to giving one million dollars to food banks across the country.

What can I learn from what they are doing? Now is the perfect time to give back to your community. Reaffirm your company’s desire for good corporate citizenship by donating either your time or resources to a worthy cause. Get involved locally by volunteering to help pack and distribute food to those in need through the Chattanooga Area Food Bank or by donating food and hygiene items on Amazon through the Salvation Army. On a national level, donate to Meals on Wheels, an organization that delivers meals to the elderly population. You can also contribute to GlobalGiving, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping local organizations in areas highly affected by coronavirus meet immediate needs, such as health care and food. After meeting immediate needs, the organization focuses on aiding affected areas in their transition to longer-term recovery efforts.

airplane over a sunsetCompany: Virtuoso

How are they providing exceptional customer service? As “the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel,” Virtuoso has gone above and beyond to make sure that their customers have been taken care of during this time. One of their spokeswomen, Betsy Goldberg, spoke of a situation where a family was stuck in the Dominican Republic trying to get home. The travel agent worked for several hours to contact different airports in the U.S. after many commercial flights were canceled. Eventually, the advisor contacted a private jet company that picked up the family only seven hours after being notified of the shutdown. Not only that, but the agent gave the family a credit for the rest of the canceled stay.

What can I learn from what they are doing? In a time of uncertainty, people are looking for something they can rely on, a stable in their life. Going above and beyond the norm of customer service to make sure your customers are safe and taken care of, even if it means thinking outside the box, will be remembered far after this pandemic is over.

Company: ACNB Bank

How are they providing exceptional customer service? Through April 30, the bank is providing personalized assistance to individual customers who are facing a significant financial impact due to the unstable economy, including possible loan deferment and waiving early withdrawal CD, overdraft, and ATM fees.

What can I learn from what they are doing? The more personalized you can get with your customers, the better. If they have questions or concerns, taking the time to build on your relationship and give individualized assistance will be impactful. You can do this through a phone call, or give virtual face-to-face assistance using Zoom or Skype. A virtual face-to-face call allows customers to see your facial expressions as you express empathy, building an even stronger personal connection.

LinkedIn LogoCompany: LinkedIn

How are they providing exceptional customer service? LinkedIn has opened 16 of its learning courses for free — providing tips on staying productive, building virtual relationships, and how to create a balanced life while working from home.

What can I learn from what they are doing? Many people are turning to the internet to educate themselves during their excessive free time. Offering online resources with useful information, whether that be a webinar, a course, or a downloadable PDF, will be highly beneficial to customers during this time.

Company: Live Original

How are they providing exceptional customer service? Popular speaker and blogger Sadie Robertson decided to use her brand to help brides affected by COVID-19. Not only did she send out gifts to those whose weddings are being affected by the virus, but she set up a bridal support group so that women experiencing the same grief of a canceled wedding could have a place to come together and discuss their feelings.

What can I learn from what they are doing? Offer support groups to your customers, whether that be through a virtual Zoom meeting or a forum online. People need community more than ever, and offering that community reinstates that you support the belief we are all in this together.

Life may be different, but keep providing the same exceptional customer service that will help your organization shine. Stay strong and stay safe — we WILL get through this.


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