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How to Leverage LinkedIn for Success

a man holding a silhoutted tablet with a mixed media social networking concept design on it

You take your professional development course, excel in your externship, ace your certification exam, and then… It’s time to tackle the job hunt. When I googled the words “job hunting is…” I found results like “hard. Stressful. Humiliating. Exhausting.” Needless to say, job hunting can be intimidating, but there are many tools available to make the job search process easier. One of my favorite tools is the online networking

Creating Connections From the Comfort of Your Couch

two people connecting through Zoom online

Networking isn’t just exchanging a business card with someone; it’s the art of establishing long-term relationships and connecting with other professionals. In today’s business world, virtual networking allows you to build and maintain relationships with contacts GLOBALLY. I love how I can connect with someone who lives 20 miles away from me one day, and chat with a contact who lives 2000 miles away the next! In these unprecedented