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Happy Military Appreciation Month! One of the most important people in a military person’s life is their spouse. Military spouses are strong, devoted, and highly committed to helping their partner succeed in their military endeavors, and UTC is committed to helping the spouse fulfill his or her goals, too. UTC’s Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Scholarship Program provides professional education for military spouses and helps them gain knowledge

How Can I Use My Enneagram to Be Effective at Work? Part 1

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I have always loved a good personality test (I remember, at eight years old, taking the ones written by American Girl).  I believe that reliable personality tests can help us learn how to use our strengths well and improve our weaknesses. Recently, I’ve been learning more about the Enneagram personality test. When I started reading The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery, I assumed it would

Quick Excel Tips & Tricks: Part 3

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In the last installment of “Quick Excel Tips & Tricks,” Stephanie taught the webinar participants “How to be an Excel Secret Agent.” From protecting worksheets to hiding information in spreadsheets, Stephanie gave the scoop on how to finesse your way around an Excel workbook. Note: Remember there are several ways to do the tricks Stephanie mentions, but she shares the way(s) that she finds to be easiest. Also, remember

Quick Excel Tips & Tricks: Part 2

In the second installment of Stephanie Chastain’s “Quick Excel Tips & Tricks” webinar, she shared with us how to create fun spreadsheet additions. Check out my step-by-step guide on Stephanie’s “Easter Egg” tricks, and learn about topics like changing grid line colors and transforming the shape of comments in Excel! SESSION 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHANGING LINE COLORS Changing Gridline Colors Changing Border Colors USING COMMENTS Adding a Comment

Sharing a Smile: My Favorite Military Appreciation Stories

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Happy Military Appreciation Month! It is an honor to be able to celebrate the resilience, dedication, and sacrifice of our troops, both past and present. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of heartwarming military stories (and use up a tissue box or two every time you watch them!) These eight videos and articles, from homecomings to marriage proposals, are sure to leave you feeling proud and appreciative

Boost Your Brainpower: Focus-Enhancing Foods

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As someone known for her frequent trips to Buffalo Wild Wings (#WingNightWithWhitaker) and is known by name at the local Las Margaritas, you could say that I am a foodie to the max! I love going to new restaurants, spending quality time with family and friends over a meal, and recently have discovered how much I love cooking (I find it to be relaxing). I have learned how to

Quick Excel Tips & Tricks: Part 1

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Have you ever struggled with knowing how to use Excel to enhance your workflow? Stephanie Chastain, CPE’s Excel instructor, joined us for Workstation and shared tips that will help you increase efficiency and have a better overall understanding of Excel. I have broken down the tips she shared into a series of blogs with easy-to-follow steps, and you can use the timestamps I included to follow along with the

Sharing a Smile: My Favorite Nurse Appreciation Stories

male and female nursing students working at a hospital

If I had to describe nurses in three words, I would use the phrase “superheroes in scrubs.” Recently, the world has seen our healthcare heroes step up to the frontlines and fight COVID-19; twenty-three years ago, I personally experienced the life-changing effects a nurse can leave on someone. Being born almost six weeks premature, I spent my first month after birth fighting for my life in the NICU and

Why UTC Loves Our Teachers

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As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, UTC wants to recognize how amazing teachers are. Many UTC faculty and staff members have had life-changing experiences with teachers that influenced their career paths, cultivated their passions, and taught them lessons they have carried with them throughout the years. I personally had several teachers who influenced my life greatly. I think of my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Brantley, who has continued to

Sharing a Smile: My Favorite Teacher Appreciation Stories

African-American female teacher at a whiteboard

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers deserve appreciation for many reasons; they sacrifice their needs for the needs of students’, have the biggest hearts, and devote their lives to helping kids develop in ways that will make the world a better place. As I was researching stories to share in celebration of the week, I found numerous reminders of why educators are some of the kindest and most wonderful