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3 Questions: What to Ask When Advocating for Course Enrollment

Boss and Employee Speaking

One of the most critical parts of your professional development is gaining support from your company’s leadership. To gain that support, you need to have thoughtful conversations with your boss about the value behind pursuing ongoing education. Use these three questions to craft statements that will help you advocate for your enrollment. 1. “How can training help me meet challenges and influence my company’s business objectives?” For example, let’s

6 Tips to Crafting a Better Resume

Man holding a resume

I’ve yet to meet someone who truly enjoyed putting together a resume. The whole process can conjure up feelings of frustration, self-doubt, shame, and anxiety. And, I get it. Sharing your resume opens you up to a level of criticism that you might not be used to, and you are being graded. (Really, you are  receiving a grade). As soon as you submit your resume, the pressure is on, and you must stand out quickly. Research done by Ladders,