Boss and Employee Speaking

One of the most critical parts of your professional development is gaining support from your company’s leadership.

To gain that support, you need to have thoughtful conversations with your boss about the value behind pursuing ongoing education. Use these three questions to craft statements that will help you advocate for your enrollment.

1. “How can training help me meet challenges and influence my company’s business objectives?” For example, let’s say you’re a project manager and the organization you work for has struggled with data management. Talk to your boss about how earning your PMP credential will help your organization overcome that challenge as you learn better data management processes.

2. “How will my new skills and knowledge benefit my company?” While there are many personal benefits to professional development training, much of what you learn will be beneficial for your company as well. Reiterate to your boss how the benefits justify the investment. Your supply chain operations may work fairly well, but the strategies you learn in a CSCP certification course will help your company meet its goals even more effectively.

3. “Are there employee assistance programs that will help with my professional development financially?” Many organizations have tuition reimbursement programs and set aside money for employee training. Do your homework and research if your company would be willing to offer reimbursement. If not, we encourage you to seek out financial aid.

UTC Center for Professional Education offers a variety of professional development courses to help you meet your training needs. If you have any further questions about our programs or how to advocate for your enrollment, please email CPE at We would love to help you on your career advancement journey!