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How Can I Use My Enneagram to Be Effective in the Workplace? Part 3

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I never knew Socrates, but I think he was a wise guy. Thousands of years ago, he pinned the quote, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” I feel like Socrates would approve of the Enneagram—a test that is used to learn about your personality and help you become more self-aware, so you can self-improve. The Enneagram can be used to improve your relationships, how you handle emotions…and

How Can I Use My Enneagram to Be Effective in the Workplace? Part 2

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In Part 1 of my Enneagram in the Workplace series, I highlighted Types 2-4 and how they can take advantage of their type to be empowered and effective in their career. This blog post focuses on Types 5-7 and their typical workplace habits, as well as how they can utilize strengths and grow in weaknesses to see greater success at work. (By the way, Enneagram Types are organized into

How Can I Use My Enneagram to Be Effective at Work? Part 1

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I have always loved a good personality test (I remember, at eight years old, taking the ones written by American Girl).  I believe that reliable personality tests can help us learn how to use our strengths well and improve our weaknesses. Recently, I’ve been learning more about the Enneagram personality test. When I started reading The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery, I assumed it would

Creating Connections From the Comfort of Your Couch

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Networking isn’t just exchanging a business card with someone; it’s the art of establishing long-term relationships and connecting with other professionals. In today’s business world, virtual networking allows you to build and maintain relationships with contacts GLOBALLY. I love how I can connect with someone who lives 20 miles away from me one day, and chat with a contact who lives 2000 miles away the next! In these unprecedented

Understanding and Mastering Your Tone of Voice Recap

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This week on Workstation, body language expert Dr. Donna Van Natten presented “Understanding and Mastering Your Tone of Voice.” Donna shared how 38% of communication is based on tone of voice. She explained how the tonal parts of voice—pitch, timbre, loudness, and resonance—are the parts we are born with and take more effort to control. However, the stylistic elements of our voice—speech rate, response length, speech latency, pauses, and