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Happy Military Appreciation Month! One of the most important people in a military person’s life is their spouse. Military spouses are strong, devoted, and highly committed to helping their partner succeed in their military endeavors, and UTC is committed to helping the spouse fulfill his or her goals, too. UTC’s Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) Scholarship Program provides professional education for military spouses and helps them gain knowledge

Online Courses: More Than Just Convenience

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Have you thought about broadening your skill set by taking an online course, but were unsure whether to take the plunge?  Maybe you’ve thought to yourself: “Are there even any benefits to participating in a course online vs. in-person? Will the courses be high-quality? Will I actually learn material in a non-traditional setting?” As someone who has taken an online course before, I can personally attest that there are

Passing Time During the Pandemic: Popular Online Courses

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With the current pandemic surrounding our country, people are now staying home as much as possible and practicing social distancing. The present circumstances have led to a lot more “free time” as commutes, sporting events, and dinner parties have been cancelled. However, just because you have excessive free time does not mean you have to be excessively bored! Having extra free time gives you the opportunity to learn new