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Sharing a Smile: My Favorite Good News Stories, Part 2

woman smiling in front of greenery

After writing my first “Sharing a Smile” article, I realized I wanted to continue deliberately taking time to seek out good news! Between a rocket launch, Disney singalongs, and everything in-between, these eight stories remind me of the positivity that surrounds us in a chaotic world.   A Rocket to Remember: On May 30, Americans gathered around their TVs to watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule

5 Essential Apps Every Online Student Needs

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No matter what online course you’re taking, study apps can be useful. They help you organize notes, plan your study schedule, and grasp concepts you’re learning with ease. Be on top of your game with these apps that make studying simple and even fun! TABLE OF CONTENTS SimpleMind Quizlet MyStudyLife EverNote Forest Bonus: Citation Machine SIMPLEMIND SimpleMind is a cross-platform Mind Mapping tool that simplifies the process of organizing

Instructor Spotlight: Debby Craven, Medical Billing and Coding

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  UTC Center for Professional Education’s instructors are the cream of the crop, and we are excited to feature them in our “Instructor Spotlight” series. Our Instructor Spotlight is on our Medical Billing & Coding Instructor, Debby Craven, CPC, CPC-I, CPMA, CRC. She is currently employed with Floyd Healthcare as a documentation compliance auditor.   Marah: What professional experience do you have relating to the course you are teaching?

7 Strategies for Success as an Online Student

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There are several benefits to taking an online course: flexibility, accessibility, and the ability to take a break and refill your coffee cup anytime! However, many students question if they will be able to succeed in such a different learning environment. With the right toolbelt, you can not only complete an online course─but THRIVE in doing so. Take a look at seven strategies you can implement to have an

How Can I Use My Enneagram to Be Effective in the Workplace? Part 3

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I never knew Socrates, but I think he was a wise guy. Thousands of years ago, he pinned the quote, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” I feel like Socrates would approve of the Enneagram—a test that is used to learn about your personality and help you become more self-aware, so you can self-improve. The Enneagram can be used to improve your relationships, how you handle emotions…and

How Can I Use My Enneagram to Be Effective in the Workplace? Part 2

two men looking at a laptop in an office

In Part 1 of my Enneagram in the Workplace series, I highlighted Types 2-4 and how they can take advantage of their type to be empowered and effective in their career. This blog post focuses on Types 5-7 and their typical workplace habits, as well as how they can utilize strengths and grow in weaknesses to see greater success at work. (By the way, Enneagram Types are organized into