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In Review: APSI 2020

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This year, UTC’s Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI) looked different from any other year, but that didn’t stop the program from having a record-breaking number of registrations. For three weeks, over 390 participants came together via Zoom to collaborate with one another and learn teaching strategies from AP consultants. The 4-day workshops prepared teachers, both new and experienced, for the upcoming school year; they gained fresh insight into best

Seven Attributes of Successful Online Students

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Many online students are working professionals who have incredible demands outside the classroom. The luxury of only focusing on coursework is a pipe dream. With so many competing priorities, what makes online students successful? While there are various strategies you can implement into your online experience, you can also mold your study and work habits to fit with characteristics that make an online student successful. While you currently may

Five Essential Apps Every Online Student Needs

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No matter what online course you’re taking, study apps can be useful. They help you organize notes, plan your study schedule, and grasp concepts you’re learning with ease. Be on top of your game with these apps that make studying simple and even fun! TABLE OF CONTENTS SimpleMind Quizlet MyStudyLife EverNote Forest Bonus: Citation Machine SIMPLEMIND SimpleMind is a cross-platform Mind Mapping tool that simplifies the process of organizing

Seven Strategies for Success as an Online Student

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There are several benefits to taking an online course: flexibility, accessibility, and the ability to take a break and refill your coffee cup anytime! However, many students question if they will be able to succeed in such a different learning environment. With the right toolbelt, you can not only complete an online course─but THRIVE in doing so. Take a look at seven strategies you can implement to have an

Why UTC Loves Our Teachers

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As we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, UTC wants to recognize how amazing teachers are. Many UTC faculty and staff members have had life-changing experiences with teachers that influenced their career paths, cultivated their passions, and taught them lessons they have carried with them throughout the years. I personally had several teachers who influenced my life greatly. I think of my second-grade teacher, Mrs. Brantley, who has continued to

Sharing a Smile: My Favorite Teacher Appreciation Stories

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Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! Teachers deserve appreciation for many reasons; they sacrifice their needs for the needs of students’, have the biggest hearts, and devote their lives to helping kids develop in ways that will make the world a better place. As I was researching stories to share in celebration of the week, I found numerous reminders of why educators are some of the kindest and most wonderful