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The Power of Routine While Working Remotely

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I recall how, as a kid, my mother was INSISTENT I do my homework and go to bed at the same time every day. At the time, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to make my own decisions about my day-to-day schedule; after all, I was eight years old and had an OVERFLOWING amount of wisdom. However, my mom understood that routine was important for me for several

Creating Connections From the Comfort of Your Couch

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Networking isn’t just exchanging a business card with someone; it’s the art of establishing long-term relationships and connecting with other professionals. In today’s business world, virtual networking allows you to build and maintain relationships with contacts GLOBALLY. I love how I can connect with someone who lives 20 miles away from me one day, and chat with a contact who lives 2000 miles away the next! In these unprecedented

Working from Home: A Gen Z Perspective

As I reflect on the past year of my life, there has been a numerous amount of change. From graduating college, to accepting my first “big-girl” job, and then finally landing with UTC Center for Professional Education in February, I have learned more about accepting change gracefully in the past year than in the past three years combined. Recently, I experienced a big change in my job environment as

How to Avoid Overworking While Working from Home

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I have found that establishing boundaries while working from home is not my strong suit. If I am not careful, I will trade in my typical eight-hour workday and spend 11-12 hours typing on my laptop instead. It is much easier to leave my work at the office when the end of the day arrives. When working from home, it is much easier to constantly work on tasks since

8 Productivity Apps to Help You Focus While Working Remotely

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With the surge in remote work, many workers are finding themselves struggling to be productive while working from home. If you have a harder time focusing in a home office environment, you are not alone; I find myself struggling to focus, at times, with distractions that arise only when working at home! I want to share eight of my favorite productivity apps that will help you stay focused, finish

5 Tips for Success When Leading Virtually

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With the coronavirus quickly changing our work environments, many employers are conducting business virtually. If you are a new project manager or a project manager with limited experience with virtual teams, you may be asking yourself, “How am I going to quickly transition from managing projects in person with my team, to managing them remotely?!” Thankfully, there are several ways you and your team can meet goals remotely with

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7 Tips for Running Conference Calls Like a Boss

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The coronavirus pandemic is causing many companies to shift to remote work, and most of us are not accustomed to working remotely. Your organization is still operating, and you are still handling employee relations, payroll, mediating conflict, and managing company culture (which can bring new challenges with a new work environment). You need a way to speak with employees at large, and oftentimes, a conference call is the best

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