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3 Questions: What to Ask When Advocating for Course Enrollment

Boss and Employee Speaking

One of the most critical parts of your professional development is gaining support from your company’s leadership. To gain that support, you need to have thoughtful conversations with your boss about the value behind pursuing ongoing education. Use these three questions to craft statements that will help you advocate for your enrollment. 1. “How can training help me meet challenges and influence my company’s business objectives?” For example, let’s

20 in 2020: Lessons Young Professionals Learned This Year

lessons learned written on chalkboard

As I was writing 20 in 2020: Lessons Professionals Learned This Year, I was inspired to hear more stories of how others are growing, both personally and professionally. Many of my peers and I started our professional careers either in 2020 or in the recent years before, so I decided it would be interesting to hear their perspective on what they learned in such an unprecedented (and let’s be

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20 in 2020: Lessons Professionals Learned This Year

lessons learned written on chalkboard

Are you looking for inspiration as we enter into 2021? Take a look at 20 lessons that 20 professionals learned in 2020—and how they are planning to apply what they learned to make 2021 brighter and better. Then, take their insight and apply it to your 2021 as well! Gene Pledger, Supply Chain Director, D&F Equipment Sales, Inc. “In 2020, I learned that, with all of the important issues

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Go Lean: 12 Reasons to Get Lean Six Sigma Certified

lean six sigma steps

When you walk into your kitchen to cook dinner, you’re constantly moving, searching for the utensils and ingredients you need…and they seem to be all over the place. You’re wondering: How can I possibly have 12 different pots and pans, yet not find the ONE skillet I need? Does the painted picture sound familiar? (I can relate!) And wouldn’t more efficiency—with reduced effort—be nice? (Of course). This is where

7 Professional Development Books to Help You Keep Growing

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Whether you’re like me and are just starting your career, or you are a CEO with over 30 years of experience in the business world, there is one thing all professionals have in common: The need to keep growing. Professional development is key to learning new skills, staying relevant, and continuously improving performance. One of the most popular (and affordable!) ways to grow in your professional life is by