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5 Time-Saving Tips You Didn’t Know About Excel

I sat down with Stephanie Chastain, CPE’s Excel Trainer, to learn more about Excel and its functionality. Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to CPE, having been an IT trainer for 25 years. Check out five helpful, time-saving Excel tips that Stephanie has found most students don’t know before starting Excel training. TIP #1: USE THE AUTOFILL HANDLE TO AUTOMATICALLY NUMBER EACH LINE. Excel is often used

Instructor Spotlight: Andy Borchers, CPIM Certification Review

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    Our Instructor Spotlight is on Dr. Andy Borchers, DBA, CLTD, CPIM. He teaches the CPIM (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) course at UTC. Andy is also a professor of management and associate dean in Lipscomb University’s College of Business.     Marah: What professional experience do you have relating to the course you are teaching? Andy: I have 20 years of automotive industry experience and 24

September 2020 Healthcare Job Opportunities

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  Clinical Medical Assistant/Medical Administrative Assistant Certified Medical Assistant, CHI Memorial Chattanooga Certified Medical Assistant, Partners in Care, PLLC Certified Medical Assistant, Diagnostic Cardiology Group Medical Assistant, Medical Solutions Medical Assistant, HCA Healthcare Medical Office Front Desk Associate, Regional Obstetrical Consultants Pharmacy Tech Pharmacy Tech, Walmart Pharmacy Tech, Walgreens Pharmacy Tech, Walgreens Pharmacy Tech, Kindred Healthcare Pharmacy Tech, Jackson Pharmacy Medical Billing & Coding Inpatient/Outpatient Coder/Abstracting Specialist, Hamilton Health

13 Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

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So, you just got the call letting you know that you have a job interview next week. Going into an interview cold and relying solely on your personality isn’t going to do you any favors. Preparation is key to a successful and memorable interview.  I like to look at the interview process in three stages: pre-interview, interview, and post-interview. Having coached several people as well as being an interviewer, I am going to share

7 Attributes of Successful Students

Many students are working professionals who have incredible demands outside the classroom. The luxury of only focusing on coursework is a pipe dream. With so many competing priorities, what makes students successful? While there are various strategies you can implement into your experience, you can also mold your study and work habits to fit with characteristics that make a student successful. Check out our top seven attributes that we believe will

5 Essential Apps Every Student Needs

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No matter what course you’re taking, study apps can be useful. They help you organize notes, plan your study schedule, and grasp concepts you’re learning with ease. Be on top of your game with these apps that make studying simple and even fun! TABLE OF CONTENTS SimpleMind Quizlet MyStudyLife EverNote Forest Bonus: Citation Machine SIMPLEMIND SimpleMind is a cross-platform Mind Mapping tool that simplifies the process of organizing thoughts.

7 Strategies for Success as an Adult Student

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There are several benefits to furthering your education by taking a new course. Maybe you want to prepare for a certification, or perhaps you want to develop professional skills. Sometimes, students who have been out of the classroom for a long time begin to question if they will be able to succeed as they return to the classroom. With the right toolbelt, you can not only complete a course─but

Student Success Story: Toni Martin, Pharmacy Tech

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  One of the best ways to figure out if a course is a good fit for you is to hear from those who have taken it before! The first installment of our “Student Success Story” series features former Pharmacy Technician student Toni Martin. Toni holds a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the State University of New York’s Empire State College. After spending over three decades working

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Getting Deliveries Done: The Life of a Freight Broker

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As long as there is a need for the movement of goods, freight brokers will be in high demand. And, with the rise of E-Commerce, more shipments are being made than ever before. If you have great relational, communication, and organizational skills, you may find that you can not only perform, but excel, as a freight broker. Take a look at the ins-and-outs of freight brokerage and learn how

A Company’s Social Worker: The Life of a Human Resources Generalist

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Do you find purpose in helping others? Are you passionate about people and building relationships? If so, you may be interested in becoming a human resources generalist. Learn about the day-to-day responsibilities in the role, how an HR generalist adds value to an organization─and possibly discover an exciting career path to follow. What is an HR Generalist? In the HR world, there are several HR sectors that professionals work