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What’s Next? 6 Tips for PMP Exam Day Success

You’ve finished the PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp, and your head is probably swimming with formulas, processes, and ITTOs. You are so close to the finish line, and we want to help you get there!   Here are our 6 tips for a successful PMP exam day:  1). SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION AND SCHEDULE YOUR EXAM  If you have not submitted your PMP application, you need to do so as soon as

13 Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview

Human Resources Interview Recruitment Job Concept

So, you just got the call letting you know that you have a job interview next week. Going into an interview cold and relying solely on your personality isn’t going to do you any favors. Preparation is key to a successful and memorable interview.  I like to look at the interview process in three stages: pre-interview, interview, and post-interview. Having coached several people as well as being an interviewer, I am going to share

6 Tips to Crafting a Better Resume

Man holding a resume

I’ve yet to meet someone who truly enjoyed putting together a resume. The whole process can conjure up feelings of frustration, self-doubt, shame, and anxiety. And, I get it. Sharing your resume opens you up to a level of criticism that you might not be used to, and you are being graded. (Really, you are  receiving a grade). As soon as you submit your resume, the pressure is on, and you must stand out quickly. Research done by Ladders,

How to Be a Successful Project Manager With Kelly Williams

This month, we talked with Kelly Williams, our Project Management Fundamentals instructor. During our conversation, Kelly shared her strategies for project success and how she avoids project failure. Kelly Williams is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  She has been an Information Technology (IT) professional for 30 years.  Her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Computer Science from UCLA has served her well as a Software Engineer, Systems Analyst, Delivery

A New AP Teacher’s Journey

“I am not sure what to expect, but I am excited,” Rosa Heintz, a teacher at Howard High School, stated eagerly as she discussed her enrollment in the Chattanooga Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institute last May. Heintz was one of fifteen Hamilton County teachers selected to teach AP for the first time, and her preparation would begin at the Chattanooga AP Summer Institute, a series of workshops for new

AZZ Kicks Off Training with Crucial Conversations

AZZ Inc., a global provider of specialty electrical equipment and welding solutions, engaged the Center for Professional Education to provide training at its Chattanooga location. The company kicked off the professional development with Crucial Conversations®, a training course that teaches individuals how to improve dialogue and engagement. Rhonda Beard, Human Resources Manager at AZZ, states, “We have many new people and people who have been promoted into new positions.

Acumen Wealth Advisors Partners with CPE for Strengths Finders

Acumen Wealth Advisors is a financial planning and investment management firm based in Chattanooga with strong connections to UTC. Both Reese Veltenaar, Managing Partner and Wealth Strategist, and Arie Veltenaar, Client Ambassador, are UTC Rollins College of Business alums. As a growing company, Acumen wanted to leverage their team strengths and skills for the betterment of their clients. With that goal in mind, they sought Strengths Finders. The Center

Instructor and Partner Spotlight: Enrique Vizoso

This month, CPE talked to Enrique Vizoso who serves as a vital partner and instructor. Enrique is a supply chain consultant with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and logistics operations in the United States and Mexico.  In his leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies, he led a number of initiatives to revolutionize supply chain operations. His focus as a consultant is to guide businesses through supply chain

CPE Begins Offering Crucial Conversations to Domestic Violence Shelters

“Where do you feel stuck?” It’s a question often echoed in training rooms around the world as leaders and professionals from all variations of industry work to master a new approach to communication through VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations training. “The ability to talk to almost anyone about almost anything!” It’s a powerful tag line, and one that VitalSmarts delivers on as their curriculum is currently being used in 300 of

Tyner Academy Students Raise ACT Score With CPE

In the fall of 2018, the Center for Professional Education partnered with UTC’s School of Education to provide an ACT test prep course for Tyner Academy’s Future Ready Institute: Teaching as a Profession Pathway. The student cohort recently received their test scores with 92% seeing increases in their ACT scores. One student’s ACT score increased by five points while another student showed a gain of 10 points. At least