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Creating Connections From the Comfort of Your Couch

two people connecting through Zoom online

Networking isn’t just exchanging a business card with someone; it’s the art of establishing long-term relationships and connecting with other professionals. In today’s business world, virtual networking allows you to build and maintain relationships with contacts GLOBALLY. I love how I can connect with someone who lives 20 miles away from me one day, and chat with a contact who lives 2000 miles away the next! In these unprecedented

Going the Extra Mile: Customer Service During a Pandemic

man providing customer service at his laptop

The world currently looks different from the norm, and more than likely, your organization is looking a little different right now, too — including your customer service. Many businesses are currently looking for how they can provide exceptional customer service and help others during these unprecedented times. We are sharing how seven organizations are implementing amazing service for their customers, and how you can implement similar customer service processes