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Learning Law Across the World: Kamila Macedo’s Paralegal Success Story

Kamila Macedo headshot

    As Kamila Macedo began working in a law office during her sophomore year of college, she became immensely interested in the legal field. A Brazillian native, she graduated from college and law school in Brazil—and began working as a full-time lawyer! Later, Kamila decided to move to the United States and become a paralegal in order to restart her legal career in a new country. She enrolled

Following Her Passions: Kyla Jolly’s Paralegal Success Story

Kyla Jolly headshot

  Kyla Jolly began her undergrad career at UTC, like many incoming freshmen, wondering what major to declare. After her freshman year classes, Kyla would go home and turn on the TV to watch investigative shows. One day, she thought to herself, “Why don’t I do that and work in law? It’s thrilling!” She declared a major in criminal justice and fell in love with the content she was learning. Kyla graduated from UTC in

Logistics and the Legal Field: Meredith Chester’s Paralegal Success Story

  After spending several years overseas working as an educator and editor, Meredith Chester decided to take a leap of faith and move back to the States…while ALSO changing her career! Upon moving back, she took a career aptitude test recommended by her dad. The results showed that a legal career would not only be fulfilling for Meredith but also suit her strengths and personality. Meredith discovered that the