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Boost Your Brainpower: Focus-Enhancing Foods

healthy assorted fruits

As someone known for her frequent trips to Buffalo Wild Wings (#WingNightWithWhitaker) and is known by name at the local Las Margaritas, you could say that I am a foodie to the max! I love going to new restaurants, spending quality time with family and friends over a meal, and recently have discovered how much I love cooking (I find it to be relaxing). I have learned how to

Sharing a Smile: My Favorite Nurse Appreciation Stories

male and female nursing students working at a hospital

If I had to describe nurses in three words, I would use the phrase “superheroes in scrubs.” Recently, the world has seen our healthcare heroes step up to the frontlines and fight COVID-19; twenty-three years ago, I personally experienced the life-changing effects a nurse can leave on someone. Being born almost six weeks premature, I spent my first month after birth fighting for my life in the NICU and

How to Avoid Overworking While Working from Home

Man Working in Home Office

I have found that establishing boundaries while working from home is not my strong suit. If I am not careful, I will trade in my typical eight-hour workday and spend 11-12 hours typing on my laptop instead. It is much easier to leave my work at the office when the end of the day arrives. When working from home, it is much easier to constantly work on tasks since

The Power C’s Recap

logo for UTC Center for Professional Education's Workstation

The first week of Workstation was full of productive dialogue and building connections with others. Dr. Shewanee Howard-Baptiste, Associate Professor in the UTC Department of Health and Human Performance, led “The Power C’s” series.  At 8:30 a.m. every day last week, Shewanee shared tips—all starting with the letter C—on how to have a healthier work from home experience.The topics ranged from calmness to collaboration, creating a family household plan

Staying Fit While Staying Home: Quarantine Fitness Tips

woman lifting weights

In a world that is constantly changing, we are all looking for stability, positivity, and ways to stay motivated. Research shows that exercising regularly can boost your mood as you release “feel-good” endorphins and forget worries. Personally, I am used to working out at the gym four days a week and adhering to a strength training program, so working out at home has been an adjustment. If you are