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Quick Excel Tips & Tricks: Part 3

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In the last installment of “Quick Excel Tips & Tricks,” Stephanie taught the webinar participants “How to be an Excel Secret Agent.” From protecting worksheets to hiding information in spreadsheets, Stephanie gave the scoop on how to finesse your way around an Excel workbook. Note: Remember there are several ways to do the tricks Stephanie mentions, but she shares the way(s) that she finds to be easiest. Also, remember

Quick Excel Tips & Tricks: Part 2

In the second installment of Stephanie Chastain’s “Quick Excel Tips & Tricks” webinar, she shared with us how to create fun spreadsheet additions. Check out my step-by-step guide on Stephanie’s “Easter Egg” tricks, and learn about topics like changing grid line colors and transforming the shape of comments in Excel! SESSION 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHANGING LINE COLORS Changing Gridline Colors Changing Border Colors USING COMMENTS Adding a Comment

Quick Excel Tips & Tricks: Part 1

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Have you ever struggled with knowing how to use Excel to enhance your workflow? Stephanie Chastain, CPE’s Excel instructor, joined us for Workstation and shared tips that will help you increase efficiency and have a better overall understanding of Excel. I have broken down the tips she shared into a series of blogs with easy-to-follow steps, and you can use the timestamps I included to follow along with the