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Learning Law Across the World: Kamila Macedo’s Paralegal Success Story

Kamila Macedo headshot

    As Kamila Macedo began working in a law office during her sophomore year of college, she became immensely interested in the legal field. A Brazillian native, she graduated from college and law school in Brazil—and began working as a full-time lawyer! Later, Kamila decided to move to the United States and become a paralegal in order to restart her legal career in a new country. She enrolled

A Call to Care: Heather Morrison’s CNA Success Story

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  After working as a long-term caregiver for over a year, Heather Morrison knew that she wanted to pursue a career focused on helping others. Before taking the full leap into healthcare, she decided to move forward with a small stepping stone—ensuring she was on the right route for her—by becoming a certified nursing assistant! Now, Heather is working at Parkridge as a CNA and using what she learned in UTC’s course in

From Student Intern to Full-Time Recruiter: Jonathan Moore’s SHRM Success Story

  As an undergraduate student at UTC, Jonathan Moore knew that he was interested in breaking into the business world. He decided to pursue a degree in business and administration management, but after gaining exposure to the HR field, he added another degree in human resources as well. His student internship in Erlanger Health System’s finance department allowed Jonathan to gain experience, make connections…and eventually begin a full-time HR

Checking All the Boxes: Stephanie Marjoras’ Phlebotomy Tech Success Story

  Stephanie Majoras worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years. While she enjoyed her job and succeeded in her role, she decided to make a long-awaited career change during the pandemic. After researching career options, Stephanie decided to switch from the profession she had known her entire adult life to become a phlebotomy tech, as the field “checked all her boxes.” Since then, she took UTC’s Phlebotomy

More Than Hiring & Firing: Carrie Barham’s SHRM Success Story

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  After earning her bachelor’s degree in health services administration, Carrie Barham never expected to have built a human resources career 20 years later. Her experience working at a few health insurance companies eventually led Carrie to begin working in benefits and becoming an HR professional! Now, Carrie works at National Aerospace Solutions as a Health and Welfare administrator—and has the SHRM designation beside her name to prove that hard works pay off.    Marah: What

Finding Success & Solutions: Satish Patel’s PMP Success Story

As a Capability Delivery Manager for Tennessee Valley Authority, Satish Patel focuses on delivering project management solutions for various units in his company. By becoming a PMP-certified leader, Satish uses what he learned throughout the certification process to find more effective and efficient solutions than ever before!  Marah: Why did you pursue the PMP certification?  Satish: Years ago, I created an individual development plan where I decided that pursuing PMP certification was one of my career goals. I knew that what I learned through certification would help

Preparing for a Dental Career: Nathan Wagoner’s Phlebotomy Tech Success Story

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    As a current college student studying biology, Nathan Wagoner is not waiting until after graduation to begin taking steps toward his long-term goals. Aspiring to become a dentist, Nathan decided to begin earning hands-on experience in the medical field by becoming a phlebotomy tech.       Marah: What did you enjoy most about UTC’s Phlebotomy Tech course?  Nathan: The course is very serious because you’re dealing with blood. There’s an

A Graduate With Goals: Jason Gaddy’s SHRM Success Story

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  When Jason Gaddy began undergrad at UTC in 2016, he didn’t have his heart set on a specific degree program. All Jason knew was that he enjoyed interacting with people and getting to know them on a personal level. Based off those desires, he chose to pursue a degree—and career—in human resources. After serving as a City of Chattanooga’s Office of Multicultural Affairs intern in 2019, he became

Retail and Military Experience Turned Supply Chain Career: Raul Soto’s CSCP Success Story

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  Raul Soto recently began studying supply chain in a formal setting, but he is no stranger to the supply chain field itself. For ten years, he worked in the grocery business and learned about inventory, vendor interaction, and consumer behavior. Then, his time in the U.S. Marine Corps taught him about logistics and how to prepare for logistical movements. Raul was recently featured on Chris Barnes’ Supply Chain

Building Career Confidence: Brian Clont’s PMP Success Story

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  Brian Clonts’ career is the epitome of working one’s way up the professional ladder. After beginning his career as a non-destructive technician, Brian became a senior technician, a superintendent, a project manager, and is now serving as the materials department manager in Terracon’s Chattanooga office. As a self-proclaimed “manager of project managers,” Brian uses what he learned in UTC’s PMP Exam Prep course to make sure his company’s project management processes flow smoothly.       Marah: