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Student Success Story: Kayla Brown, PMP

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  While many people associate project management with industries like construction and information technology, it is actually used in almost every industry–including design. Former PMP Exam Prep student Kayla Brown uses her project management knowledge while serving as the project manager for Simple Focus, a design agency. I recently sat down with Kayla to hear about how she is implementing PMP practices to create smoother experiences for her organization

Student Success Story: Laura Bramell, Medical Billing & Coding

Laura Bramell headshot

Laura Bramell’s story is one full of beautiful optimism and hope. She has never let living with Asperger’s syndrome stop her from accomplishing her goals. Laura has faced other challenges throughout her life; for example, five years ago, she started suffering from horrible migraines. The 24/7 headache tensions would often leave her bedridden for days at a time. But, with the help of incredible doctors and her own determination,

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Student Success Story: Chris Donahue, CMA

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    After a life-changing event, Chris Donahue experienced an epiphany regarding his career. He realized he wanted an occupation where he could help others and make a difference in the world. Chris decided to transition into working in healthcare, and his journey began when he enrolled in UTC’s Clinical Medical Assistant course.   Marah: Why did you choose UTC’s Clinical Medical Assistant course over other similar courses? Chris:

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Student Success Story: Sandra Cordell, PMP

Sandra Cordell headshot

  After earning an undergraduate degree in finance from UTC, Sandra Cordell had no idea that her career path would lead her back to a UTC classroom eight years later. While working as an administrative assistant in UTC’s Gary W. Rollins College of Business post-graduation, she coordinated a couple of small events. Upper management noticed her talent for planning and asked her if she would become the project and

Student Success Story: Brittney Wooten, Pharmacy Tech

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  When the pandemic forced Brittney Wooten’s employer, a local preschool, to close, she didn’t become discouraged. Instead, she saw an opportunity to make a career change. Brittney had always wanted to work in healthcare, so she decided to find a program she could complete quickly. After discovering UTC’s Pharmacy Tech Academy during an online search, she made the choice to enroll. Brittney completed the course, interned at Parkridge,

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Student Success Story: Alison Sparks, Medical Billing & Coding

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  When a friend in nursing school needed a “guinea pig” to practice nursing assessments, Alison Sparks was more than happy to help. What started out as a kind gesture turned into something more as Alison’s interest in the medical field grew. She ended up taking a few healthcare courses and, as a business-minded individual, immensely enjoyed learning about coding and insurance. Alison has worked in a variety of

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Student Success Story: Jessica Lowrance, Phlebotomy Tech

Jessica Lowrence headshot

  Born and raised in Tennessee, Jessica Lowrance has always loved her Chattanooga roots. After taking time off from school to work in retail management and the food industry, Jessica decided to search for an alternative job. She wanted to not only earn a paycheck but also begin a career she would be passionate about. After stumbling upon UTC’s Phlebotomy Tech Academy, she ended up taking the course, earning

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Student Success Story: Shannon Bennett, PMP

Shannon Bennett headshot

      As the senior program manager at Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Shannon Bennett uses her PMP to better serve engineers and business professionals all throughout the company.     CPE: How did you begin your career in project management? Shannon: I had been in the field of engineering management for a long time (about 8 or 9 years) and was looking for a change. The project manager

Student Success Story: Tyler Yount, PMP

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  When Tyler Yount began his career, he had no idea that his path would lead him to become a project manager and earn the PMP certification. While working in Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke’s office, a need arose for someone to lead initiatives and services that the administration wanted to deliver or adjust. Tyler is now officially the Director of Special Projects in the office and uses his PMP

Student Success Story: Dale Tillman, PMP

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  By earning her PMP, Dale Tillman has crossed an item off her career bucket list. Having worked as a senior program manager at TVA for 20 years, Dale wanted to solidify her experience and knowledge through certification. To ensure she was ready for test day, Dale enrolled in UTC’s PMP Exam Prep course. CPE recently caught up with Dale to learn more about her PMP experience and what’s