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No matter what online course you’re taking, study apps can be useful. They help you organize notes, plan your study schedule, and grasp concepts you’re learning with ease. Be on top of your game with these apps that make studying simple and even fun!



SimpleMind is a cross-platform Mind Mapping tool that simplifies the process of organizing thoughts.


  • The app can be used as a brainstorming tool for generating new ideas.
  • The app can also be used as a study tool; organize your notes into various topics and branches and use short key words to review and remember what you are studying.
  • Basic features include creating topic branches, editing topic texts, rotating topics’ branches, moving topics around, and selecting multiple elements.
  • The Pro feature has capabilities such as exporting mind maps as a PDF or image, adding images, adding links to documents or webpages, and seamless synchronization to Dropbox or Google Drive.

RECOMMENDATIONS: After researching the app, I suggest investing in the SimpleMind Pro version. In the Apple App store, you only pay $7.99 for a lifetime license, and the amount of features you get compared to the free version is significant. When it comes to organization, mind maps are a huge asset; I love the idea of being able to create them virtually and not worry about papers getting lost or accidentally thrown away (or in my case, coffee being spilled on them). In the Android App Store, SimpleMind Pro has 4.7/5 stars, with almost 18k reviews.

AVAILABLE VIA: Different plans are available for different platforms, but you can download the app via iPhone, Android, macOS, Windows, and for iPad.


  • The Free plan lets you create mind maps and select from multiple mind map styles without ads.
  • SimpleMind Pro has various prices depending on which platform you download it on. It’s a one-time purchase for a lifetime license. Note that not all, but a few platforms, have the price listed in Euros, as SimpleMind is based in Europe.

You can also choose to do a 30-day free trial of the Pro Version.


Quizlet provides learning tools, like flashcards and study games, to students.

PROS OF THE APP: The major pros of Quizlet are the study modes it offers; I’ve listed a few below. Also, check out this list of comprehensive study modes.

  • Flashcards mode allows you to create your own virtual study sets, or you can choose to study from over 40-million generated flashcard sets available on the site.
  • As you use study sets, Learn mode will track the progress you make. Answers are categorized by level of mastery, so you know which terms need to be studied more.
  • One of the game modes, Match, lets you drag terms to their matching definitions and try to do so in the fastest time possible. Incorrect matches = time penalty!
  • Gravity is a fun game where you must type the correct term or definition in order to blow an asteroid up before it reaches your planet. You are rewarded for answering as quickly as possible.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I have used Quizlet for years and have personally seen the benefits of using the tool to prepare and study! A word of caution: be careful as to which other user-generated study sets you use; there are helpful ones, but some are not always 100% accurate. I typically make my own to ensure the information is correct—plus creating the study set helps me soak in what I’m learning! Quizlet has an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 234 reviews on G2.

AVAILABLE VIA: iPhone, Android, a browser extension (such as Google Chrome), and the web.


  • The Free plan allows you to use all the study features, but with ads and without offline capabilities.
  • Quizlet Plus is $23.88 annually and allows you to have offline access and ad-free studying, along with other features.
  • Quizlet Go is $11.99 annually and allows you to have offline access and ad-free studying.

You can get a 7-day free trial of either paid plan.


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MyStudyLife is a cross-platform planner designed to help students manage their assignments, exams, revisions, and study schedule.


  • When creating MyStudyLife, the designers kept in mind that most homework isn’t completed in one night. You can specify how much of a project you have completed, rather than only having complete or incomplete options.
  • The dashboard view gives an overview of your entire day, and your incomplete tasks, so you can see exactly what you need to get done with one glance.
  • Set reminders for when an exam is about to start, or reminders about incomplete tasks, so you never forget any assignments.
  • The ability to store data in the cloud lets you access data from any device you sign in on (as long as data is synced first). MyStudyLife also works offline and will sync when you’re back online.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Thousands of MyStudyLife users have found the app to be helpful; it has 4.4/5 stars, with almost 53k reviews, in the Android App Store. There are numerous recommendations similar to this one, where a user said, “This app is amazing. I was so disorganized with my work, always forgetting due dates for assignments, but ever since I installed this app on both my phone and laptop, my life has been easier. Now I am always up-to-date with my work, and when I get a new assignment, it takes 10 seconds to add it to my tasks. I absolutely love this app and would recommend it to anyone.”

AVAILABLE VIA: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and the web.



EverNote is a tool that helps users take and organize notes effortlessly.


  • Sync notes across multiple devices (the free version allows synchronization across two, while the premium is unlimited).
  • Access notebooks offline (in the free version, you can only do so using the desktop app; with premium, you have access offline using any device).
  • Clip web pages, images, and PDF files to insert into your notes.
  • There is adequate storage space with EverNote, as you get new MB/GB added monthly.

RECOMMENDATIONS: As someone who has tried several note-taking methods, I like EverNote for several reasons. As a visual learner, I love that I can insert images into my note-taking space. The images give me a visual aid for what I am studying and help me recall topics more easily. EverNote is also easy to sync across devices, making being on the go a breeze! I recommend comparing both the Basic and Premium plans to see if you would use Premium’s paid features, as they are more in-depth and may not be necessary for basic purposes. On G2, 1.6k+ users have reviewed the app, giving it an average 4.4/5 star rating.

AVAILABLE VIA: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, browser extensions (Mac, Windows), and the web.

PLANS & PRICING: Check out a side-by-side list of plans and features.

  • Basic, free plan available.
  • Premium plan is $69.99 annually (less than $6 a month).
  • Business plan is $14.99 per user per month.


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Forest is a productivity app designed to help users stay focused and minimize screen time. Open the app, set a timer, and “grow a tree.” Your tree grows while you focus on tasks, but if you exit out of Forest to get on another app, your tree will die.


  • Customize the numbers on the timer to meet your personal goals.
  • The app is easy to use; the layout is intuitive and there are no complicated bells and whistles.
  • View detailed statistics of your time distribution and monitor your progress.
  • Simultaneously use the app and help a good cause; when you spend virtual coins in Forest (earned by finishing your timer), the app donates to a real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Forest was a lifesaver in my college days and has continued to help me be productive in the workplace, especially while working from home. I can personally attest that seeing the tree die makes you feel unproductive, but then helps you get motivated to focus on tasks—the perfect combination! You can also use it on your phone or desktop, and then study or work on the device you aren’t using, which is helpful. Forest users are BIG fans of the app; it has a rating of 4.9/5 stars, with 21.2k reviews, in the Apple App Store.

AVAILABLE VIA: iPhone, Android, and a browser extension (Chrome).

PLANS & PRICING: Forest is a one-time payment of $1.99 for iOS and free for Android.


While this is not an “app,” I recommend the website Citation Machine to students. The website allows you to cite websites, books, and more, in a variety of writing styles!


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